The Mechanics of Fluids

Filmstill The Mechanics of Fluids

The Mechanics of Fluids

La mécanique des fluides
Gala Hernández López
International Competition Short Film 2022
Documentary Film
39 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Gala Hernández López
Lucas Le Postec
Thibault de Gantes
Ninon Chapuis
A. Pol Camprubí
Gala Hernández López
Alberto Dexeus
Mélia Roger
Diego Delgado
Mélia Roger
Claudia Martín
Gala Hernández López

In 2018, a user called AnathematicAnarchist published a suicide note in an online forum for incels – a subculture of heterosexual men whose self-pity, misogyny and fantasies of violence dominate the internet in many places and trigger offline actions in some. Did he really take his own life? Is America responsible for his death, as he claims in his text? A search for clues in the darkest corners of the net, an essay about pain and loneliness in the age of algorithms.

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