Mother’s Milk

Filmstill Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk

Majčino mleko
Isaac Knights-Washbourn
Panorama Short Film 2022
Documentary Film
18 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Isaac Knights-Washbourn
Dejan Petrović
Nađa Lapčević
Antonio Pozojević
Ivana Pejak
Eugene Pereiaslavtsev

Dragica does not lack for work. The house and cattle in western Serbia demand toil from dawn to dusk. She milks, harvests, prepares porridge for her handicapped daughter. Her own mother recently passed away. Now Dragica wears black and shaves her old father. Can there be an alternative to this daily self-sacrifice? Almost casually, Isaac Knights-Washbourn leaves space for such reflections: While chopping tomatoes, the woman opens up to a guest from town.

Carolin Weidner
Family Ties
Work Hard Play Hard
Gender Norms