Mountains and Heaven in Between

Filmstill Mountains and Heaven in Between

Mountains and Heaven in Between

Mizh nebom ta goramy
Dmytro Hreshko
Spotlight on: Docudays UA 2022 2022
Documentary Film
70 minutes

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Dmytro Hreshko
Polina Herman
Dmytro Hreshko
Viktor Malyarenko
Dmytro Hreshko
Volodymyr Tret’yakov
Volodymyr Shchobak

Four paramedics in a distant mountain village at the beginning of the Covid pandemic go from one house to another, from measurements to diagnoses, from tired older women to drunk middle-aged men. Hreshko watches them closely: They get baptised, married and buried. Yet the ambulance team stays the same, does its job, and ultimately provides the emotional core of this kaleidoscopic view of people’s stories and tragedies.

Daria Badior
Nominated for MDR Film Prize
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