Pepe und die Welt der Insekten

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Pepe und die Welt der Insekten

Pepe und die Welt der Insekten
Bernadette Hauke
Kids DOK 2021
Documentary Film
25 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Bernadette Hauke
Matthias Kringe
Luana Knipfer
Sonja Baeger
Moritz Kerst, Tom Claudon

Insects aren’t cute and often not beautiful, but very exciting, Pepe thinks. His favourite animals are dragonflies, which can control their four wings individually and take off faster than a jet plane. But where do you still find these flying wonders? Pepe knows that many insects are dying out in Germany because they are robbed of their habitats. He wants to change that!

Lina Dinkla
Small Worlds, Big People