Petras Erlebnis

Filmstill Petra’s Adventure

Petra’s Adventure

Petras Erlebnis
Ingrid Reschke
Retrospective 2022
Documentary Film
6 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Ingrid Reschke
Deutsche Hochschule für Filmkunst
Kurt Marks
Ingrid Reschke

Petra looks back on an eventful day: Together with other kids she went on a paperchase, solved a few small tasks and coordinated with her assigned partner. There were some adventures, but also a classroom situation set up in a meadow where one’s knowledge of the local flora was tested. In the end, they all boarded sailing boats and glided off into an atmospheric evening. A protocol in letters, accurately drawn up at the Potsdam Pioneer House, serves as the framework for one of the first completed films of the newly founded German Academy of Film Art in Babelsberg.

Carolin Weidner
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