Sewing Love

Filmstill Sewing Love

Sewing Love

Sewing Love
Xu Yuan
International Competition Animated Film 2023
Animated Film
8 minutes
without dialogue

The two main characters of this film seem made for each other. They literally fit together, merge into each other, melt into a colourful, psychedelic, swirling whole. They function together, until one of them disconnects. The madness of this riot of colours turns into a dark nightmare when the one left behind re-absorbs the other by force. Against her will, the renegade must now be sewn to her partner. The once flourishing relationship degenerates into an irritating visual and audio chaos of aggressively twitching drawings and shattered sounds. Impaled on a gnarly tree, the couple’s bodies decay. As they are dying away, darkness turns into light and fresh blossoms open on the pale bones.

Franka Sachse

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Xu Yuan
Tomokazu Nomura
Sound Design
Nanami Sato
Xu Yuan
Nominated for: Gedanken Aufschluss Prize, mephisto 97.6 Audience Award