In Shallow Water

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In Shallow Water

V plytkej vode
Marek Moučka
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film 2021
Documentary Film
10 minutes

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Marek Moučka
Tomáš Gič
Roman Vojtek
Maroš Oláh
Marek Moučka
Marek Bihúň

Standing in the water in fishing gear, catching fish and taking in the rugged winter landscape. What at first sounds like a dream for outdoor fans is part of the working routine of prison inmates in the East Slovakian town of Perín-Chym. Their job is to breed carp, which are primarily consumed at Christmas dinners. Marek Moučka anonymizes the prisoners by erasing their eyes in his artful black and white film. He talks to them about freedom and missed holidays.

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