Tender Metalheads

Filmstill Tender Metalheads

Tender Metalheads

Heavies tendres
Joan Tomàs Monfort, Carlos Pérez-Reche, Juanjo Sáez
International Competition Animated Film 2023
Animated Film
80 minutes
German Subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing, English

Barcelona, 1991. Juanjo has to repeat the last school year. His new teacher seats him in the last row next to Miquel, who is not exactly happy about this. The two have to write an essay together on the same afternoon. A disagreeable task that is gradually forgotten as they discover that they share a great passion: music!

Juanjo comes from sheltered circumstances, his family pamper him. Miquel is the son of a single mother who could hardly manage to take care of his two siblings without his support. Heavy Metal becomes the refuge and central node of their friendship. Screeching guitars and screamed vocals – with a few remarkable exceptions – are the soundtrack of this exciting but warm-hearted and gentle story that allows a glimpse into the souls of two teenage boys. The film’s visual design is consistently pared down – to the point of leaving out whole sections of the background and character portrayal. The directors’ poignant use of distinctive striking visual elements takes us ingeniously into the world of the two friends. A wonderful journey into a time of changes, insights and growth.

Franka Sachse

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Joan Tomàs Monfort, Carlos Pérez-Reche, Juanjo Sáez
Ivan Morales Jr., Natalia Durán, Enric Pardo, Mario Torrecillas, Yago Alonso
Víctor Xavier Monzó
Juanjo Sáez
Xavier Romero, Elizabeth Méndez
Coser y Cantar
Sound Design
Coser y Cantar
Victor Rago