Verwundene Fäden

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Verwundene Fäden

Verwundene Fäden
Deborah Jeromin
German Competition Short Film 2020
Documentary Film
40 minutes

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Deborah Jeromin
Deborah Jeromin
Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Stiftung Maecenia
Myrsini Artakianou
Deborah Jeromin
Artemissia Anastassopolou
Eleni Papadaki
Zambia Tzanakaki
Vasso Athanassaki
Eleni Tzivaki
Katja Adamy
Frank Holbein
Pedro de Sousa Pereira
Deborah Jeromin
Sofia Hernández
Deborah Jeromin
Deborah Jeromin

What’s the parallel between a Leipzig allotment club and the Wehrmacht’s invasion of Greece? Alert to historical lines of connection, outstanding archive material and enchanting images of the austere Cretan landscape, the complex links between silkworm breeding here and German war crimes there are laid bare. The focus is less on settling questions of guilt than on depicting the inner dynamics of war, resistance and forgetting.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann
Nominated for Gedanken Aufschluss Prize
Rural vs. Urban
Redistribution and Having a Say
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