Vor Zeit

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Vor Zeit

Vor Zeit
Juliane Henrich
German Competition 2021
Documentary Film
80 minutes
German Subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing, English

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Juliane Henrich
Juliane Henrich
Thomas Kaske
Angelika Ramlow
Juliane Henrich
Juliane Henrich
Till Beckmann
Benedikt Schiefer
Tom Schön
Kate Tessa Lee
Nannina Matz
Juliane Henrich

Silesia: a contested region marked by migrations. Animosities between the peoples have a long tradition here, not only since the Second World War. But the National Socialist tyranny left clear lesions behind. The director’s grandfather comes from this region, was the organist in a church in Krasiejów – a place which was once also called Krascheow and, for a while, Schönhorst.

The filmmaker Juliane Henrich – or more precisely, her alter ego, the writer Nannina Matz – sets out in search of her family history. What she finds are bizarre ways of representing the history of humanity – and the history of earth. She comes across all kinds of traces of dinosaurs. Some may only be made of plastic, but others are not: A certain species of this genus, whose fossils were found in Silesia, was christened “Silesaurus opolensis” by the Polish palaeontologist Jerzy Dzik. That’s why there is a Dinosaur Park in Krasiejów. And a local museum, of course. But also many people with different individual memories. They do not necessarily lead to ground-breaking discoveries regarding the looked-for family past, but they broaden the view: of the complex history of this region and the way it is thought together, represented and codified.
Borjana Gaković
Nominated for Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize, Young Eyes Film Award, DEFA Sponsoring Prize, VER.DI Prize for Solidarity, Humanity and Fairness, MDR Film Prize
Family Ties