This Will Not Be a Festival Film

Filmstill This Will Not Be a Festival Film

This Will Not Be a Festival Film

To nie będzie film festiwalowy
Julia Orlik
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film 2022
Animated Film
8 minutes

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Julia Orlik
Agata Golańska
Marta Świętek
Julia Orlik
Aleksandra Rosset
Bartlomiej Orlik
Bogdan Klat
Julia Orlik

Our heroine’s previous film was invited to multiple festivals and awarded a number of prizes. Maybe the success went to her head a little. She was so busy working that she spent four years without a single day off. Now she sits in her parents’ garage and works on her graduation film. Its heroine is the animation film student Julita who is working on her graduation film. An affectionate film-in-film puppet animation with a surprising end.

Lina Dinkla
Nominated for mephisto 97.6 Audience Award
Family Ties