Wir und unsere Umwelt

Filmstill Wir und unsere Umwelt

We and Our Environment

Wir und unsere Umwelt
Hanna Emuth
Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv 2022
Documentary Film
27 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Hanna Emuth
DEFA-Studio für Kurzfilme
Jürgen Hartmann
Herbert Mosch
Manfred Heim
Monika Schäfer
Wolfgang Pietsch

On the occasion of the GDR Landeskulturgesetz (Law on the Conservation and Protection of the Environment), passed in 1970, the speaker explains the various aspects of environmental protection through vivid, visually pointed examples. The film repeatedly refers to the fundamental contradiction between exploitation and preservation of nature in a developed industrial state but is unable to resolve it.

Konstantin Wiesinger
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