You Destroy. We Create

Filmstill You Destroy. We Create

You Destroy. We Create

You Destroy. We Create
Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran
Extended Reality
25 minutes
No Premiere

August 2022, a 360° view of a Ukraine that has been fighting the Russian invasion for six months. In the midst of warfare, a shared solidarity emerges which also releases resistive-creative forces: museums hide collections, a street artist finds his calling, opera companies and rave communities raise their volume when the bomb alerts threaten to drown them out …

Lars Rummel

Contains mentions of death, war scenes, physical violence

Contains depictions of war scenes

Photosensitivity warning: Contains flashes of light that may trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities.

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Extended Reality: DOK Neuland.
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Iryna Sayeivich, Julius Hackspiel, Mia von Kolpakow, Sandra Bialystok, Jonathan Gleit, Erika Barraza, Olha Tsybulska
Executive Producer
Amy Seidenwurm, Eric Cheng
Production Company
NowHere Media
Pierre Pyaré Friquet
Artistic Design
Moritz Mayerhofer
Creative Technologist
52 Lab Association
Sound Design
Billy Mello
Billy Mello

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Main Contact
Olha Tsybulska