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2023 Film Submissions now open

Dear filmmakers and producers,

Show us your new documentaries and animated films – submit until 15 June. We can’t wait to discover your captivating stories and artistic approaches. 

What we are looking for

Your newest creative documentaries and animated films! You can submit works from 2023 and 2022 (if they have not been shown public before October 2022).

We accept films of any lengths, short (up to 40 minutes) and feature-length. A German premiere at least is required for all competitions, but we prefer world, international and European premieres.

In case you didn’t know: We are also looking for films for young audiences to be screened in our Kids DOK programme.

How to submit

You only need to log in to your myDOK account or register for a new one to access the entry form.

What’s good to know

We introduce a new competition structure and provide a platform for feature-length animated films in adding a new Golden Dove this year. Find out more

There are also some updates on the entry fee policy: The entry fee depends on the length of your film (up to 40 minutes or longer) and the time you submit it. So, don’t wait too long if your film is already completed and send it right away!

You can find all details on the requirements and submission process in our guidelines. For any questions, please check our submissions FAQ.

Ready to submit? Start here!