Am Strand, vor dem flachen, ruhigen Meer, steht eine Person in beinahe bodenlangem blauen Regenmantel mit dem Rücken zur Kamera. Sie hat die riesige Kapuze hochgezogen und schaut zum Meer.

Announcing the films in the 2022 competitions

The film programme of DOK Leipzig’s 65th edition is complete! 74 short and long animated and documentary films compete for the Golden and Silver Doves this year, 48 of which are being screened in Leipzig as international or world premieres.

The International Competitions, The German Competitions and the Competitions for the Audience Awards are showcasing numerous works from the documentary film sector. These include films by first-time directors as well as works by multiple award-winning filmmakers like Sasha Kulak, Mila Turajlić und Nikolaus Geyrhalter. The range of form extends from observational style to performative dramatisations to the creative appropriation of archived images. Animated films also have a strong presence in this year’s programme, with imaginative, humorous and experimental works competing in the short film competitions.

Major topics of this year’s film programme:

Several films tell family histories or biographical stories in the context of social institutions. “The Dependents” by Sofía Brockenshire combines a portrait of her father, a well-travelled Canadian immigration official, with reflections on borders, privileges and dependencies. In “The Invisible Frontier”, Mariana Flores Villalba films Mexican military exercises on a deserted island in the Pacific. Tilman König films his father, a former youth pastor from Jena whose stance against the far right was a source of controversy (“Pastor Lothar Stops”).

In the German Competitions, short and long films deal with the consequences of opposing the GDR, among others. Several films reflect debates on authorship and truth as these relate to the creation of digital images.

“The films at this year’s festival confront us with genuine social realities, but they also teach us that documentary images must be approached with scepticism,” says festival director Christoph Terhechte. “At a time when deep fakes are circulating online, DOK Leipzig regards itself as a platform that enables a critical discussion of the way images are being created and the forms of truth that are resulting from this.”

Ticket sales have started – including for the new festival venue in Connewitz!

We will present a total of 255 films and extended reality (XR) experiences from 55 countries, including 67 feature films and 179 short films. The venerable Kinobar Prager Frühling theatre will be joining us as a new festival cinema in the southern part of town.

With the publication of the programme of films, including all screening times, ticket sales for the 65th festival edition have started. The festival will also be screening some of the films free of charge in the East Hall of Leipzig Central Station and at the Polish Institute. In accordance with the current Coronavirus Protection Ordinance, we are currently not imposing any restrictions on access to the festival events. However, it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times while in the venues.

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