Discover the Director’s Short Cuts: Cinematic greetings from our filmmakers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing travel restrictions, we were unable to invite filmmakers to Leipzig this year. Our film talks — which have always been live and on location at the cinema — will take place online instead. Additionally, we asked the filmmakers whether they would like to say something about their work in cinematic form. The specifications were simple: they had a maximum length of three minutes, but were otherwise free to decide whether they wanted to address something from the film or take things in a completely different direction.

The response overwhelmed us. They created more than 40 artistic short films, which we’re presenting to you as “Director's Short Cuts” free to watch on our Vimeo channel. Some of the pieces are directly connected to their respective film in our programme, while others stand alone in terms of content.

Our thanks go to all of the artists involved.

You can browse all “Director's Short Cuts” here on our website and view them on Vimeo. Have fun exploring!