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DOK Co-Pro Market 2022 selects 34 projects

We are looking forward to highlighting 34 new documentary film projects from 32 countries. At our DOK Co-Pro Market (17 and 18 October) they will meet potential co-production, financing and distribution partners. For the first time, a series is part of the selection. This year, the DOK Co-Pro Market will take place primarily on-site.

Some of the producers or directors invited have already shown films at our festival in the past, including Gesa Hollerbach ("All For The Countryside," 2019), Bálint Révész ("Granny Project," 2017), Jasmila Žbanić ("One Day in Sarajevo," 2015) and Susanne Kim (“Cabinets of Wonder," 2021).

Part of the selection are also four promising projects scouted by our DOK Industry team at training initiatives and partner film markets and awarded the DOK Leipzig Accelerator Prize. A fifth project will be selected in late September.

You can find more info about the project selection in our press release.

Call for Producers without a Project

Producers who are actively looking for new audio-visual works to co-produce and have a relevant track record of international co-productions can still apply for participation in the DOK Co-Pro Market without a project. The deadline is 20 September 2022.

Check out the 34 projects and learn how to apply as a producer without a project here. Happy browsing and congratulations to the teams!