Nahaufnahme von zwei Mädchen, eine trägt ein Kopftuch, die andere hat lange blonde Haare, sie tragen Kopfhörer und sprechen zusammen in ein Smartphone

International Competitions at DOK Leipzig

We are happy to present the films of our International Competitions! We also instroduce a new section with five unconventional films out of competition: Camera Lucida.

Shelly Silver returns to our festival with her new film Girls/Museum that follows girls from seven to nineteen years of age looking at works of arts in the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK), most of which were created by men. We will also show Children, a film by Ada Usphiz following Palestinian minors who participate in the Intifada against Israel.

The films in the International Competitions tell the stories of Congolese war-disabled people struggling for compensation, of a legal and medical scandal in Argentina around an abortion and of the London lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some further films focus on the United States and use various approaches to provide a cinematic commentary on the state of the country.

The newly established section “Camera Lucida” includes films about elderly men restisting evacuation, about the moon, which always has been a central motif in film history, about desire and passion, confrontation with the loss of the own father and about cultural identities, cities and languages.

Our programme is now complete! You can find more details about the films in the International Competitions and Camera Lucida in our Press Release.

You can browse the full programme with further details on all films and their screening dates here. Tickets will be available from 20 October.