Cinema full of visitors looking to a white screen.

New Competitions and Awards at DOK Leipzig

A fresh wind is blowing through our film programme this year. We are pleased to announce a number of new competitions and awards for the upcoming DOK Leipzig 2020.

Fans of animated film will have something special to look forward to: A competition dedicated for the first time to feature-length works in the genre. “In recent years there have been outstanding artistic animated films that would be a good fit for DOK Leipzig and have the potential to meet an enthusiastic audience here,” festival director Christoph Terhechte says. This section will also award a Golden Dove at the festival’s conclusion.

We are also expanding our International Competition for long films. From now on, this will be our platform for both young filmmakers as well as established directors. The previous Next Masters competitions will merge here with the international competitions for long and short films.

The extensive International Programme and the Late Harvest section will also be combined into one Audience Competition, introducing two new Audience Awards for short and long films.

Film Programme will be streamlined

Meanwhile, the film programme will be streamlined to feature around 200 works, down from the more than 300 films shown during previous festival editions.

“We aim to maintain the festival’s high-quality standards, while continuing to explore new cinematic forms and ensuring an abundant selection for the audience,” Terhechte says. “At the same time, we don’t want to overwhelm audiences with a bursting programme. Instead we’re presenting clearly defined sections so the public can make more targeted choices.”

Read more about our new competitions and awards in our press release.