Spotlight on Docudays UA

Spotlight on Docudays UA


When the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke on February 24th, our thoughts here at DOK Leipzig went immediately to our colleagues from Docudays UA and the Ukrainian doc community we have been working with for so many years. In solidarity with the Docudays UA team, we were offering a stage to present the national competition of the 19th edition of the festival and showcase Ukrainian talent in all the sections of the festival and our industry programmes.

We invited films, filmmakers and festival delegates to DOK Leipzig 2022 to present their works, engage with our local audiences and, most importantly, meet with international colleagues, create networks and form new partnerships to support the future of Ukrainian film talents.

A war aims at silencing and eradicating voices, we are offering our platform to amplify the voices of Ukrainians.

This programme was made possible by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Eight persons (five women and three men) stand in front of a logo wall with the DOK Leipzig logo and pose for a group picture.
Viktoria Conzelmann

Docudays UA IHRDFF is a regular event with an annual 20K attendance in Kyiv. Member of the IHRFN and DAE. The Docudays UA usually comprises the Competition Programme (DOCU/WORLD, DOCU/SHORT, DOCU/UKRAINE, Rights Now! Award), Non-Competition Program, and DOCU/PRO Industry Platform. A festival is a strategic tool for developing and popularizing two sectors: culture and human rights.

A wide area or street at dusk: four children move towards the camera. Two are running, two are riding their bicycles. Above them flies a kite, which the child on the far left holds by the string.
Film scene from “Boney Piles”, directed by Taras Tomenko
Film Programme

The 19th edition of Docudays UA, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, was supposed to take place in Kyiv in March this year. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, against its right to territorial and cultural integrity made this impossible. In solidarity with the team of Docudays UA, DOK Leipzig was presenting the Ukrainian films selected for the liquidated festival year of 2022.

Discover the films

A bird’s eye view on a place in a city environment. Two tanks are crossing the place, a few cars are parking at the side. No people.
Film scene from “One Day in Ukraine”
Babylon 13
DOK Industry Talk

One Day in Ukraine – A Case Study

Since the onset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, national financing of Ukrainian productions has been cut off. Ukrainian producers are now forced to look actively for new ways to financing their films. With “One Day in Ukraine” by Volodymyr Tykhyy we were presenting a successful direct cooperation between the production collaborative Babylon 13 and BBC Storyville exemplifying possible future collaborations with Ukrainian (or any other local) filmmakers to bring their perspectives and voices to a wide audience.

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Many people stand in a large room with high glass fronts. They are gathered in a semicircle on front of a stage and clap.
Viktoria Conzelmann
Get Together hosted by Docudays UA & Ukrainian Institute

Accredited guests welcome

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