One Day in Ukraine – A Case Study

One Day in Ukraine – A Case Study

A bird’s eye view on a place in a city environment. Two tanks are crossing the place, a few cars are parking at the side. No people.
Film scene from “One Day in Ukraine”
© Babylon 13
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Since the onset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia,  national financing of Ukrainian productions has been cut off. Ukrainian producers are now forced to look actively for new ways to financing their films. In the past, Ukrainian documentaries were usually not directly commissioned or co-produced by a major broadcaster and to this day direct connections between production houses and international broadcasters hardly exist. 

With “One Day in Ukraine” by Volodymyr Tykhyy we are presenting a successful direct cooperation between the  production collaborative Babylon 13 and BBC Storyville exemplifying possible future collaborations with Ukrainian (or any other local) filmmakers to bring their perspectives and voices to a wide audience. Lucie Kon and Igor Savychenko discuss what was important for each of the parties involved in the process, challenges and problems they faced and how they ultimately succeeded in putting the production together.


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“It’s an important work, not just because it tells the story of one day during the war in Ukraine, but because it is a film made by Ukrainians, telling their own stories in their way. It’s a British TV first – a film about the war in Ukraine, made entirely by Ukrainians has never been on television in the UK before.”

Lucie Kon
BBC Storyville

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