Personal Storytelling from Underrepresented Communities

Personal Storytelling from Underrepresented Communities

Four persons (two women, two men) are sitting on a panel. The man at the right is talking into a handheld microphone, the others are listening. In the front, the monitors of a live-editing suite light up in the dark.
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DOK Industry Talk

Jennifer Crystal Chien, from Re-Present Media, a US based filmmakers’ collective with the purpose to humanise media representation of underrepresented communities through a focus on personal stories from those communities, in conversation with filmmakers Brenda Akele Jorde (“The Homes We Carry” – German Competition), Mickaël Bandela (“One Mother” – International Competition) and Paula Vaccaro, founder of Pinball London and member of the steering committee of ARTEF – the Anti-Racism Taskforce for European Film – that has been created to tackle institutional racism in the European film industry.


Gugi Gumilang, Executive Director of In-Docs


Brenda Akele Jorde, Director “The Homes We Carry”
Mickaël Bandela, Director “One Mother”
Jennifer Crystal Chien, Re-Present Media
Paula Vaccaro, Founder Pinball London, member of the steering committee ARTEF

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