Talks and Events

Talks and Events

Following on from themes in our film programme, we offer various dialog formats – and we look forward to celebrating short films with you at “5x5 Shorts from the East”!
DOK Talks

Every year during the film selection process, we can already see emerging topics that we are sure will raise discussions. Our curated dialogue series invite for moderated round table discussions with filmmakers that address dominant subjects in the programmes of the current festival edition.

Catch up with the topics from last year’s DOK Talks in our Media Library.


Eine Frau und ein Mann sitzen nebeneinander auf einem Podium. Sie haben sich einander zugewandt und sprechen mit einander. Im Hintergrund ist ein Bildschirm mit dem Logo von DOK Leipzig.
Masterclass Mila Turaljić
Thu, 20 October, 16:30, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum

“I’ve been digesting the disappearance of Yugoslavia for 25 years”, says Mila Turajlić. In her films she does this by questioning the contemporary and film history of her country, but also of her own family. In her Masterclass, she discusses strategies of artistic research in filmmaking and her fascination with archives.

Moderator: Christoph Terhechte
Free entry

Eine Frau mit einer Pagenkopf-Frisur sitzt in einem Sessel und spricht in ein Mikrofon. Dabei gestikuliert sie mit ihrer linken Hand.
Masterclass Špela Čadež
Fri, 21 October, 14:00, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum

Špela Čadež, world-renowned animation filmmaker, has been contributing to the vitality and international recognition of Slovenian animation as an artist and producer for years. In this Masterclass, she gives insights into her distinctive style of eavesdropping on reality to lift stories and characters from it and create animated poetic spaces for them.

Moderator: Igor Prassel
Free entry

Animation Perspectives: Veneta Androva_Tang Han

Veneta Androva and Tang Han are invited to engage in a cinematic and personal dialogue. Animation and documentary, nature and culture, the virtual and the real rub against each other in their works. Two radically different artistic styles, and yet they have something in common: precision in watching, consistency in thinking and a delight in playing with ironic distance.

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Dancing in the Dark. Hysteresis & Company

The starting point and centrepiece of this evening is “Hysteresis”, the latest work by renowned animation artist Robert Seidel. In a live performance, the movements of the queer Australian dancer Tsuki and the AI-based animation of Robert Seidel’s drawings will merge to the music of sound artist Markus Popp alias Oval.

The performance will be preceded by a programme curated by André Eckardt and Robert Seidel featuring films by other artists on the interrelation of body, movement and animation.

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Vor einem rosa Hintergrund mit weißen Kacheln steht der Text: 5 x 5 Shorts from the East
5x5 Shorts from the East

Short Film Event

On Saturday, 22 October, we invite you to celebrate “5x5 Shorts from the East” at the Polish Institute! In cooperation with film institutions from the region, the event will present 25 short documentaries and animations from Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia.

The evening works on the hop on, hop off basis. You can drop in when you like — and discover short film pearls such as “511 Best Photos of Mars” or ”Wild Beasts”. 

Free entry!

The Films:


The Place I Am Writing You Letters From 
Nikolina Bogdanović
Croatia 2018, 9 min

Nora Štrbová
Czech Republic 2020, 8 min

Kaspar Jancis
Estonia 2020, 11 min

Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzała
Poland 2017, 14 min

Wild Beasts 
Marta Prokopová, Michal Blaško
Slovakia, Czech Republic 2019, 8 min

How Tanya Was Left Alone 
Mia Sidorov
Croatia 2018, 9 min

Sh_t Happens 
Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf
Czech Republic, Slovakia, France 2019, 13 min

Struck by Lightning 
Romet Esko, Raul Esko
Estonia 2020, 17 min

Bless You! 
Paulina Ziółkowska
Poland 2018, 5 min

Concrete Times 
Lucia Kašová
Slovakia 2018, 19 min

Imbued Life
Ivana Bošnjak Volda, Thomas Johnson Volda
Croatia 2019, 13 min

I Am Trying to Remember 
Pegah Ahangarani
Czech Republic, Iran 2021, 15 min

Mighty Crayfish and Greedy Wife 
Aarne Ahi
Estonia 1985, 10 min

The Vibrant Village
Weronika Jurkiewicz
Poland, Hungary 2019, 7 min

Persona Grata
Daniela Krajčová
Slovakia 2018, 15 min

A Cat Is Always Female
Martina Meštrović, Tanja Vujasinović
Croatia 2019, 16 min

Happy End
Jan Saska
Czech Republic 2015, 6 min

511 Best Photos of Mars
Andres Sööt
Estonia 1969, 14 min

The Tough 
Marcin Polar
Poland 2019, 14 min

Poetika Anima
Kriss Sagan
Slovakia 2018, 5 min

Natko Stipaničev
Croatia 2020, 15 min

Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Czech Republic 2018, 10 min

Letting Go 
Ülo Pikkov
Estonia 2017, 7 min

The Little Soul 
Barbara Rupik
Poland 2019, 9 min

Kateřina Hroníková
Slovakia 2018, 7 min

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