Terms and conditions of participation in the online survey

Terms and conditions of participation in the online survey


In our current survey we ask you ask you about your impression of what DOK Leipzig offers. The aim of our survey is to be able to better evaluate our programme and our exposure, as well as to get to know our target group better and to identify areas of potential.

The survey takes place via the platform provider LimeSurvey. Answering the questions takes approx. 10 minutes. To say thank you, we’re offering a free ticket to a festival screening at DOK Leipzig 2022 to those who leave their contact details.

Participation in this survey (without a free ticket) is possible without stating your name. But if you would like to receive a free ticket for DOK Leipzig 2022 after participating in the survey, you will be asked to provide personal data (name and email address). By entering this data, you agree to the processing of said data and to the conditions of participation that you find below.

§ 1 Participation

(1) The online survey takes place via the provider LimeSurvey. You can read their data protection information here.

(2) Participation is free of admission.

(3) Teilnehmen darf jede volljährige, natürliche Person in eigenem Namen. Von der Teilnahme ausgeschlossen sind Mitarbeiter*innen der Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH sowie deren Angehörige. 

(4) Any person of legal age (18+) may participate in their own name. Employees of Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH and their families are excluded from participation.

§ 2 Timeframe

(1) The online survey is active until 12 Oktober 2022, 24:00 midnight (CET).

§ 3 Determination

(1) With the end of the survey timeframe, all participants who confirmed her*his participation by indicating her*his name and email address will be contacted by Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH.

(2) Each participant can only participate once.

§ 4 Prizes to win

(1) Each participant who confirms her*his participation by indicating her*his name and email address receives a free ticket in the value of 8.50 € (Euro) to one screening at the 65th International Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animated Film (17–23 October 2022).

§ 5 Conducting and Processing

(1) The participants will be contacting via the email address which they have provided.

(2) The free tickets won’t be shipped by post. The participants can collect their free ticket at the DOK Leipzig box office at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK), simply by naming their name and email address (without an official ID). Collecting the free tickets is possible from 14 October to 23 October 2022, daily 10:00-18:00.

(3) If a free ticket is not picked up by a participant until 23 October 2022, 18:00, the entitlement to the ticket expires.

§ 6 Early Termination, Exclusion and Revocation

(1) Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH reserves the right to cancel or end the online survey at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular if proper execution cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. In such a case, the participants are not entitled to any claims against Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH.

(2) Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH reserves the right to exclude participants from participation. This applies in particular in cases of violations of the conditions of participation or if participants use manipulation or other dishonest aids.

§ 7 Privacy Policy

(1) The participants agree to the processing and storage of his personal data (name and email address) for the purpose of implementation.

(2) This data will not be disclosed to third parties and will be deleted with the end of the online survey once the free ticket has been issued or no later than 30 November 2022.

(3) Participants can revoke their declaration of consent at any time. Please contact Wiebke Reinsch reinsch [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de. After revocation the data will be deleted and kept inaccessible. The data (name and email address) can no longer be used for access to a free ticket for a film screening.

§ 8 General Provision

(1) The legal process is excluded.

(2) Should any individual provision of these terms and conditions be ineffective or unenforceable, or become so after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remaining provisions hereof shall not be affected.

(3) These terms and conditions can be changed by Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen at any time without special notification.

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