Mapping the Infinite Heart of Documentary with BIPOC Storytellers

DOK Industry Podcast 2020

Mapping the Infinite Heart of Documentary with BIPOC Storytellers


How are BIPOC filmmakers uniquely dedicated to the practice of mapping joy and liberation? Documentary stories offer sanctuary to underrepresented communities to visualize new paths, fortify community connection, and center the wisdom of the places that shape us.

This conversation will focus on the films that exist as living maps, emotional, spiritual, or geographic, invitations to locate our own quest to develop belonging and resilience in relationship to each other as an act of infinite heart.

Language: English 
Duration: 77 min

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Martine Joelle McDonald
Practice Wonder

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Jheanelle Brown
Los Angeles Filmforum
Maria-Christina Villasénor
New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival

Curated by
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Lucy Mukerjee
POC2 Programmers of Colour Collective
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DOK Industry Podcast 2020