International Competition 1: Documentary Films


Iota Period Omega

Filmstill Iota Period Omega
Giota Teleia Omega
Alexis Alexiou
International Competition Short Film
Shimmering 8mm images make our present seem like something from the past. For I.O, a girl from a future society, they are memories of the world before climate change.

The Mechanics of Fluids

Filmstill The Mechanics of Fluids
La mécanique des fluides
Gala Hernández López
International Competition Short Film
Incel culture is the expression of a current understanding of masculinity. López’s essay investigates the echo chamber effect on the internet and the feeling of loneliness in the age of algorithms.

Will You Look at Me

Filmstill Will You Look at Me
Dang wo wang xiang ni de shi hou
Shuli Huang
International Competition Short Film
A young filmmaker’s life plans collide with his mother’s and Chinese society’s expectations. A cinematic confrontation in luminous Super 8 images.

Favorite Daughter

Filmstill Favorite Daughter
Favorite Daughter
Dana Reilly
International Competition Short Film
Daughter, mother and grandmother in Covid lockdown in New York. Three strong characters at close quarters having outspoken arguments and hilarious verbal duels. Delightful!

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