International Competition 3: Documentary Films

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Light Years

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Lata świetlne
Monika Proba
International Competition Short Film
Witali and Łukasz have graduated from the Orthodox seminary. To become priests, they must get married. But they prefer to live for the moment in their unorthodox flat share.

Only the Earth and the Mountains

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Only the Earth and the Mountains
Elleni Sclavenitis
International Competition Short Film
Calm and focussed, Elleni Sclavenitis brings to light a historical crime forgotten by hegemonic historiography: cinematic history writing in perfection.

Tellurian Drama

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Tellurian Drama
Riar Rizaldi
International Competition Short Film
In the remains of a radio station of the Dutch colonial rulers of Java, the concept of linear time and local history, a mountain and dreams of geoengineering meet.