Once upon a Time the Anthropocene

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Green Turns Brown

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Green Turns Brown
Joie Estrella Horwitz
International Competition Short Film
A minimalist eulogy to the painter Luchita Hurtado, who only experienced her breakthrough at the age of 97. A film in autumn colours about a woman in tune with nature.

0.2 Milligrams of Gold

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0,2 miligramas de ouro
Diego Quinderé de Carvalho
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film
A philosophical journey from the Amazon to the Ardennes. The former inaccessible, the other neatly ordered, both forests invite us to ask ourselves questions about the origin of existence.


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Fernando Colin Roque
International Competition Short Film
A voice speaking the Aztec language Nahuatl and a ritual song accompany the children’s games in the rain forest. They put their ears to the trees, listening to their stories.

Abandoned Village

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Mitovebuli sofeli
Mariam Kapanadze
International Competition Short Film
The abandoned village looks like an oil painting, like a still life painted in sometimes delicate, sometimes broad brushstrokes. Light and mood change with the time of day.

The Gray Shrimp Report

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Le constat de la crevette grise
Rémi Murez
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film
Toxic gas leaks into the North Sea from a munitions dump. Undeterred, the fishing industry’s assembly lines keep running. A sobering swan song for the sea as we knew it.