DOK 365

DOK 365

Außenansicht auf die Schauburg
© Susann Jehnichen
From audience favourites and insider tips to documentaries and animated films for children and adults alike, a number of DOK Leipzig films can be seen outside the festival all year round. We will keep you up to date on films that are running in cinemas or available from the comfort of home.

DOK Leipzig in the neighborhood, and year-round to boot? Every last Wednesday of the month we invite you to the city’s historic Schauburg cinema for highlights from the last festival. We also show some of our Festival Highlights on a special DOK Day at the GfzK (smallfilms) and the University of Leipzig (DOKversity). 

All our DOK Days are currently canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more details about upcoming DOK Day dates.

Großer Kinosaal voller Menschen zur Eröffnungsveranstaltung von DOK Leipzig 2019.

There are some films that never leave your mind. Our film archive is full of unforgettable films.

Werner Herzog talks about himself and his work at the talk event "Ecstatic Truths".
Media Library

In the media library, established filmmakers and up-and-coming stars discuss their working methods and obstacles in the business.

A moderator is standing in front of a red curtain on stage of a cinema hall. She bows forward and hands the microphone to a visitor in the first row
School Screenings

Bringing lessons out of the classroom and into the cinema, our school screenings complement and illustrate topics that students are learning about. 


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63rd Edition of DOK Leipzig
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