DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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"The State Owned Eye. The Camera in DEFA Documentaries"

For documentary films the camera is just as important as the direction. In the history of documentary, the DEFA-School has actually become known for its unique visual style. Directors such as Jürgen Böttcher and Volker Koepp have developed films that receive a great impact through the poetic realism of cinematographers Thomas Plenert and the field around Christian Lehmann’s school. For the first time in this constellation, the experts will not only talk about the DEFA, but will further evaluate the camera’s role in documentary, specifically on the role of the cinematographer in relation to the artistic process, a theme of fundamental importance for the genre.

The Teachers

Tue 28 Oct | 15:00 Passage Kinos Wintergarten

Poetic realism in post-war Germany: maimed returning soldiers, ideas of the future, ballet in Dresden and war games in impressive images.

Werner Bergmann: Back to Life

R: Werner Bergmann, GER 1948, 15 min

Hermann/Dumke: Dream on Children R: Hugo Hermann, GDR 1956, 19 min
Hans Dumke: Turbine I R: Joop Huisken, GDR 1953, 17 min
Wolfgang Randel: At Palucca's R: Walter Marten, GDR 1957, 17 min
Hugo Hermann: Of Steel and Humans R: Hugo Hermann, GDR 1957, 17 min

Hans-Eberhard Leupold

Tue 28 Oct | 17:15 Passage Kinos Wintergarten

The first of the legendary "Children of Golzow" series of films, an unusual look at Paul Dessau's work, readers in the German Library in Leipzig and an encounter in Georgia - in contemplative images.


Eleven Years Old R: Winfried Junge, GDR 1966, 29 min
Paul Dessau R: Richard Cohn-Vossen, GDR 1966, 31 min
Reading Room R: Hans-Eberhard Leupold, GDR 1971, 15 min
I Come From the Valley R: Hans-Eberhard Leupold, GDR 1973, 29 min

Christian Lehmann

Wed 29 Oct | 12:00 Passage Kinos Wintergarten

The construction of a new city, animals and people, the touching portrait of an old worker, modern architecture and a dark chapter of German history - by the Nestor of the DEFA camera.

The Elephant of Hoyerswerda R: Christian Lehmann, GDR 1959, 13 min
Zoo Film R: Jürgen Böttcher, GDR 1967, 19 min
Gustav J. R: Volker Koepp, GDR 1973, 19 min
Cityscapes R: Karlheinz Mund, GDR 1981, 31 min
Signs in the Trees R: Christian Lehmann, GDR 1983, 19 min

Werner Kohlert

Wed 29 Oct | 17:30 CineStar 6

Jewish cemeteries in Berlin, a documentary film classic, African departures in the 1970er, a literary classic and miners in Saxony, all in the focus of Dresden's maestro of the camera.

Memento R: Karlheinz Mund, GDR 1966, 16 min
Laundry Women R: Jürgen Böttcher, GDR 1972, 23 min
Somalia - The Great Struggle R: Winfired Junge, GDR 1976, 20 min
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Journey to Italy R: Werner Kohlert, GDR 1981, 22 min
Miners R: Werner Kohlert, GDR 1986, 19 min

Thomas Plenert

Fri 31 Oct | 10:00 Passage Kinos Wintergarten
Sun 02 Nov | 12:30 Passage Kinos Wintergarten

A milestone of documentary film, Prenzlauer Berg coal hikers in the year of German runification and the agony of the last days of the GDR among brickyard workers in Brandenburg - the visual memory of a country.

Shunter R: Jürgen Böttcher, GDR 1984, 22 min
Who's Afraid of the Bogeyman R: Helke Misselwitz, GDR 1989, 52 min
Brandenburg Tiles R: Volker Koepp, GDR 1989, 35 min

The Students

Fri 31 Oct | 21:30 Passage Kinos Universum
Sat 01 Nov | 10:00 Passage Kinos Wintergarten

Programme 1:

Straight words, raw insights and a touching image of the time: workers in the state-owned industry, a train station as a place of waiting, and a poetic portrait.

Heiner Sylvester: Worker Anyway R: Ulrich Weiß, Heiner Sylvester, GDR 1973, 29 min
Lars-Peter Barthel: Gas Workers R: Michael Knof, GDR 1976, 15 min
Peter Badel: Ostbahhof R: Hans Wintgen, GDR 1977, 10 min
Eberhard Geick: Wolters Trude R: Gabriele Denecke, GDR 1978, 30 min


Programme 2:

A waitress in the "Clärchens Ballhaus" dance hall, a bakery in Potsdam, the mass production of the Karl Marx busts, betting on horses in Karlshorst, an orchestra of workers and shop assistants and wild Budapest nights.

Sebastian Richter: Edith at Klärchen's R: Andreas Kleinert, GDR 1985, 15 min
Karl Farber: Podo R: Peter Rocha, GDR 1988, 18 min
Rainer Schulz: Task R: Jochen Kraußer, GDR 1988, 5 min
Jürgen Hoffmann: Quick Fortune R: Petra Tschörtner, GDR 1988, 17 min
Michael Lösche: Das Freie Orchester R: Petra Tschörtner, GDR 1988, 17 min
Schüle/Imreh/Laatz: Negativ Nights R: Susanne Schüle, István Imreh, Robert Laatz, GER, HUN 1996m 28 min