62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Cross Media Screenings 2014


filmtank, Berlin

Michael Grotenhoff

Michael Grotenhoff
Michael Grotenhoff filmtank, Berlin

Michael Grotenhoff is a producer of transmedia projects and a director of international TV documentaries. Michael is one of the three shareholders of Filmtank. Most of his flms deal with the digitalisation of society: ”The World’s a Google”, “Cybercrime”, “Africa connect”, “Greenlands digital upraise” and “The Red Dragon Awakes”.

For the last three years, he has been pursuing the company-goal of becoming more widely established by producing innovative content, improving business and technical systems, and at the same time developing long-lasting, sustainable business models. He is the “head” of the transmedia projects “netwars / out of CTRL” and “Conquest of the Seven Seas”. In this function Michael has achieved that Filmtank now can cooperate with various partners in widely-differing felds.

Consultant & Creative Director, Miiqo Studios, Berlin

Lena Thiele

Lena Thiele
Lena Thiele Consultant & Creative Director, Miiqo Studios, Berlin

Lena Thiele is a german media-developer and creative director with a focus on international transmedia productions, mainly in the field of documentary. She was part of the creatives around the highly praised interactive project FAREWELL COMRADES and is the digital director and scriptwriter for NETWARS-out of CTRL. In addition, she works as trainer at international workshops, lecturer at universities and film schools and consultant for the media industry.

Interactive Producer, Deep Inc., Toronto

Irene Vandertop

Irene Vandertop
Irene Vandertop Interactive Producer, Deep Inc., Toronto
Irene Vandertop is a Toronto based Interactive Producer and Art Director with more than nine years experience producing, designing and managing projects in new media, TV broadcasting and documentary production. Working for Xenophile Media since 2008, Irene was the interactive producer and story editor of Digital Emmy® nominated Inside Hana’s Suitcase (CBC), an 18 part documentary web series and 3D interactive world for children, and helped design Webby Award winning Loveletters to the Future, a multi-platform campaign and alternate reality game experience created for Greenpeace International. In addition, Irene taught Advanced Digital Design at George Brown’s School of Design, and was the art director and graphic designer for various TV series and films including Empire of the Word (TVO) and The Guantanamo Trap (Hotdocs Winner). Her most recent project includes Polar Sea 360° a transmedia companion piece to the 10 part TV series Polar Sea (ARTE, TVO, Knowledge Network).

Founder and Owner of Deep Inc., Toronto

Thomas Wallner

Thomas Wallner
Thomas Wallner Founder and Owner of Deep Inc., Toronto

Thomas Wallner is founder and owner of DEEP Inc. as well as producer, writer, director and game designer working in feature film, television, games and interactive media. In addition to producing innovative cross-media properties for television, he has written and directed eight award-winning feature documentaries (latest theatrical feature The Guantanamo Trap) that have been broadcast in more than 30 countries. As creative storyteller, he combines his experience in filmmaking with the interactive media world and pushes the limits of interactive narrative. He also brought Alternate Reality Gaming into television mainstream with Emmy Award winning Fallen and Regenesis. The first interactive feature drama Late Fragment, produced by the NFB and the Canadian Film Centra, is based on Thomas Wallners story concept.



Thomas is a recipient of numerous honours including two Emmy Awards with a total of five nominations, three Geminis, a Rose d’Or, two SXSW Interactive Awards, two Webbys and two CNMA’s.

Manager of the web content department at ARTE France, Paris

Alexander Knetig

Alexander Knetig
Alexander Knetig Manager of the web content department at ARTE France, Paris

Alexander Knetig supervises the conception and production of the network’s linear and non-linear web productions. During the last four years, he got involved in some of ARTE France’s most award-winning interactive web-productions like Fort McMoney, Alma and Prison Valley, the mobile documentary Bar-Code and the web fiction Addicts. Since 2013, he also is coordinating the channel’s first ever produced videogames, like for instance Type:Rider.He regularly teaches interactive storytelling at France’s leading journalism and management schools and is a founding member of committee for “New audio-visual formats” of the Austrian Ministry of Culture and Education. Before joining ARTE, he worked at the web producer Upian as production-coordinator for the web-documentary Gaza-Sderot and at the production company Phares et Balises. He also was freelance journalist for various online and TV media publications in France, Spain and Austria.