DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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DOK Panel

VOD - DIY: Video on demand - Do it yourself

Wednesday, 29 October, 14:00 - 15:30 h
Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig

Everyone wants to make the most of online possibilities for a finished film. But where to start? This hands-on session invites some of the big players of the VOD market today to talk about what they are offering filmmakers and producers right now, what they are looking for, who they want to work with and what you can do to best position yourself in this new market. Beyond technical jargon and buzzwords, let’s explore how online platforms envision the future of documentary distribution and display and how filmmakers can make the most of it - Get ready to take it into your own hands!


This session will be held in English.


Accredited guests welcome!



Iva Tkalec

Restart/Vision Films



Peter Gerard

Vimeo, New York

Chiara Maranon

MUBI, London

David Kwok

Viewster, Berlin

Patricie Pouzarova

Freelance, Berlin

Peter Jager

Autlook Filmsales, Vienna

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Video on demand [84.2MB/mp3]
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