DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Film projects selected for DOK.Incubator 2014

Czech Republic / Produced by: endorfilm

Always Together

Always Together

Always Together   Czech Republic / Produced by: endorfilm

When family love becomes a prison. Petr has built his own kingdom in the middle of nowhere, he had a genuine idea to create an ideal family. But what happens when fatherly love becomes strangling for his nine children? Petr was once an urban man studying cybernetics at a university when he met his wife Simona. Now they have been together for 25 years and have got nine children. They settled down in a caravan building on the meadow in the Czech mountains far from the civilization. They have refused to let the typical comfort into their lives in order to reach an idealistic and alternative lifestyle. A decision that brought lots of pain and sacrifices to the whole family. Will the children ever have a future growing up with this kind of love?


Director: Eva Tomanová

Producer: endorfilm /CZ/

Switzerland and Canada / Produced by: Mira Film

The Beekeeper and his Son

The Beekeeper and his Son
The Beekeeper and his Son Switzerland and Canada / Produced by: Mira Film

The old beekeeper Laoyu is losing his hives to the most severe worm outbreak he has seen in his fifty-year long beekeeping career. However, he feels even more anxious about the future of his only son Maofu, who has been wandering from city to city as a migrant worker. When Maofu returns home in the summer, Laoyu hopes that together they will rebuild the beehives. While working together on the farm father and son are struggling with each other’s opposing visions. Maofu, inspired by his city experience, favours the idea of developing a brand for their family honey. But Laoyu insists that he should first learn beekeeping before talking about marketing. While Laoyu is disappointed by Maofu’s focus on profits instead of the bees, Maofu feels suffocated by his father’s authoritarian tunes. Their unspoken expectations tensely echo with the harsh weather conditions and a mischievous goose. With humour and tenderness **The Beekeeper and his Son** gives an intimate insight into a Chinese rural family and their struggle between traditional manner and the dreams of a young migrant worker in limbo.


Director: Diedie Weng

Producer: Mira Film /CH/

Italy and Belgium / Produced by: Clin d'oeil films

Between Sisters

Between Sisters

Between Sisters   Italy and Belgium / Produced by: Clin d'oeil films

The two Italian sisters Ornella & Teresa have cared for each other through their whole lives, sharing their love for Ornella’s son, Manu, the film director. Teresa is now in her life’s twilight and having problems facing fate. Before it’s too late, Ornella decides to confront Teresa with a painful untold story that goes back to their childhood and might change their close bond forever. The film is a warm portrayal of an Italian family, seen through the eyes of the son, Manu. With humor and tenderness he brings out what it means to build a life upon a secret.


Director: Manu Gerosa

Producer: Clin d'oeil films /BE/

Hungary and Germany / Produced by: KraatsFilm Production and Weydemann Bros.


Drifter Hungary and Germany / Produced by: KraatsFilm Production and Weydemann Bros.

Live for Today, don’t worry about Tomorrow. The young rebel, Ricsi, lives his life on the edge. ‘Trouble’ is his middle name. He is unruly, restlessly scaring up problem after problem. Driving cars without a license, theft and escaping from the cops are all just a part of his daily routine much for his parents' despair. Ricsi won't stand for routines nor the expectations of his deadbeat father. After all, where was he when Ricsi needed him the most? **Drifter** was shot over a period of five years and is a portrait of a unique Roma young man who takes life in his own hands.

Director: Gábor Hörcher

Producer: KraatsFilm Production /HU/

Co-Prod.: Marieke Bittner, Weydemann Bros. /DE/

The Netherlands / Produced by: Conijn Film

A Family Affair

A Family Affair
A Family Affair  The Netherlands / Produced by: Conijn Film

Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by my grandmother Marianne who lives in South Africa. A renowned fashion model in the fifties with a diva lifestyle that accommodated my father and his brother in an orphanage. This film is an attempt to go beyond the surface, exploring this fascinating character who to this day has so much influence on the family, my father and indirectly on me. And at the same time a chance to look behind the persistent tales and myths that revolve in my own family. An attempt, however, that instantly became much more complicated than I could ever imagine. While filming my grandmother on my first visit to South Africa, she made a disturbing confession: to be in love with me...her own grandson.


Combined with the countless hours of personal recordings on film, video and audio and written material produced within past four generations of a family obsessed by capturing themselves, this film is an exploration of family love. Finding myself as the grandson dealing with this 'larger than life' family member focusing all her desires upon me. What to do with a grandmother that wants to sleep with you?


Director: Tom Fassaert

Producer: Conijn Film /NL/

Germany and Poland / Produced by: and Chilli Productions

The Queen of Silence

The Queen of Silence
The Queen of Silence  Germany and Poland / Produced by: and Chilli Productions

An uncommon documentary film, experiment between fantasy and reality. **The Queen of Silence** is a story set in a marginalized community of illegal Roma settlement portrayed through the eyes of a child. Denisa, a 10 years old deaf girl, is an outsider among outsiders. As she doesn’t speak the other children call her “stupid” or “mute” never using her real name. Denisa tries to escape from the difficulties of everyday life into a fantasy world. There she feels save. One day, after finding DVDs with Bollywood films in a local dumpster Denisa gets fascinated by the colorful, glamourous world she sees on the TV screen and starts to create her own dance choreographies. The result is a film full of imagination, surrealism and fantasy. Form loses itself as we enter the world of Denisa.

Director: Agnieszka Zwiefka
Producer: /DE/, Chilli Productions /PL/

Spain and Germany / Produced by: Gaia Audiovisuals

Game Over

Game Over
Game Over  Spain and Germany / Produced by: Gaia Audiovisuals

Djalal was obsessed with war games before he could walk. He was raised as an only child in a middle class Spanish family with his parents indulging his every whim. He got all sorts of toy guns with which to play the soldier and as he followed this dream to the extreme, he went to the Afghan front as sniper. But the war is not as exciting as in the movies.


Djalal comes back home disappointed and he has to confront a difficult situation. The economic crisis struck his own family and he needs to take responsibility. His American dream falls apart. Can you blame your parents for your failures? The game is over and he is unable to find his place in the real world.


Director: Alba Sotorra

Producer: Gaia Audiovisuals /ES/

Czech Republic / Produced by: Golden Dawn

Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues
Sugar Blues  Czech Republic / Produced by: Golden Dawn

The female Don Quijote and her family's fight against the global sugar-mafia. The director, Andrea, is diagnosed with a gestational diabetes. She must avoid any form of refined sugar. But it is impossible, because she finds sugar in everything and everywhere. Why is sugar so powerful? Fear for her unborn baby changes the eating habits in Andrea´s family and starts her investigation of the sugar mafia. Facing doctors and scientists Andrea explores the influence of sugar on human physical and mental functions. With detective obsession she identifies bonds between multinational corporations, politicians and health care. "Doňa Quijote´s adventures" begin in Andrea´s kitchen table and continue worldwide. But her family needs a mummy at home, especially the youngest son. Is sugar really the cause of his health problems? Tragicomic, vigorous and emotional story full of information and inspiration... A film that liberate you from the **Sugar Blues**!


Director: Andrea Culková

Producer: Golden Dawn /CZ/

Poland and United Kingdom / Wajda Studio and Braidmade Films

K2 Passage

K2 Passage
K2 Passage Poland and United Kingdom / Wajda Studio and Braidmade Films

The past, present and future meet during one expedition to the K2 base camp, set not to climb a peak but to find answers to the most difficult questions.


Eliza, the director and alpinist, together with an international group of grown-up children of acclaimed climbers, sets out on an expedition to reach K2 base camp, the burial place for those who lost their lives on K2. Hania, Łukasz, Lindsey and Chris will challenge themselves to face the past and to understand the force that once seduced their parents and eventually killed them during “black summer” in 1986. On the contrary, Eliza will challenge herself to face her future. Being a woman and an experienced alpinist, she asks herself a question, if her passion is worth the risk she takes? And – more importantly – should she have a child? This emotional journey will not bring neither easy nor obvious answers, but will close the old chapters and open the new ones.


Guest Project from DOK.Restart Workshop


Director: Eliza Kubarska

Producers: Wajda Studio /PL, Braidmade Films /UK/