DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Internationaler Wettbewerb langer Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm


Jury International Competition
Long Documentary and Animated Film

Jury International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film


Achim Freyer

Achim Freyer, one of the most innovative and seminal German set designers of his generation, has been a major influence on the European theatre landscape for decades. Born in Berlin in 1934, he was educated as a commercial artist before he became a student of Bertolt Brecht’s stage design master class (1954–1956) at the Academy of the Arts. He then created set and costume designs for the Dresden puppet theatre. In 1962 he started to work for the DEFA Animation Film Studio, too. In 1972 Freyer fled the GDR, became a professor at the (West-)Berlin Academy of the Arts in 1976 and went on, in addition to his work as a visual artist, to work as a stage director, set and costume designer for renowned German and international theatres where he achieved some groundbreaking successes, especially in music theatre.




Anca Damian



The filmmaker, cinematographer and screenwriter Anca Damian was born in Cluj in 1962. She received a PhD from the long-established National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. Her first feature film as a director, “Crossing Dates”, was released in 2008 and attracted worldwide attention as well as participating in a number of international film festival competitions. “Crulic – The Path to Beyond” (2011), her second feature-length film as a director, became another success with international festivals and critics due to its experimental form and autobiographical narrative perspective, as did “The Magic Mountain”, for which Damian won the MDR Film Prize at DOK Leipzig in 2015.



Jørgen Leth



Jørgen Leth, born in 1937, studied Literature and Anthropology in Copenhagen and his native city of Aarhus. He first worked as a music, theatre and film critic for various Danish newspapers, then for a long time as a television sports commentator and made several journeys across the world which influenced his films. Leths oeuvre on film which comprises, in addition to the hugely influential “The Perfect Human” (1967), more than 40 works did not only receive a number of prestigious awards and earned him professorships at the renowned National Film School of Denmark and in the U.S. It is also regarded, along with his teaching activities, as an essential impulse for succeeding generations of Danish filmmakers, including the signatories of the Dogme 95 Manifesto.