DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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dok podium

Experts will be speaking about their practical experiences.


Diving into Distribution. Case Studies, Ideas, Inspirations.


How do current distribution strategies for documentary films look and which methods of distribution fit to which film?


DOK Podium "Diving into Distribution" [39.0MB/mp3]
Picture Gallery
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Discussion on the subject of New German Animation Film


Art or the Almighty dollar? The state of German animation between commissioned productions and artistic self-realization.


DOK_Podium_Anima.mp3 [45.3MB/mp3]


Close up and personal: Animadoc – Case Studies


The Podium will introduce two current productions in which the story

being told in the film is someone else's.


DOK Podium "Clos Up and Personal: Animadoc - Case Studies" [39.6MB/mp3]


CROWD FUNDING – When Your Audience Becomes Your Financier

Which film projects are really suited to crowd funding and how important is it to their mass


Thursday 21.10.2010

11am to 1pm

Polnisches Institut
Picture Gallery
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