DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Programmübersicht Preisträger 2011 Deutscher Wettbewerb Dok

International Competition Documentary Film

The big world in great films. The best the documentary film is able to offer at international level. 12 films from 12 countries on the big screen in Germany for the first time ever and competing for the treasured prizes.


R: Anu Kuivalainen
Finnland, 2011, 59:00min

Mi, 19.10. 22:15 Uhr CineStar 8

Fr, 21.10. 11:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Sa, 22.10. 17:30 Uhr Wintergarten

Endless worlds no human ever saw before: the research ship “Aranda” and the secrets of the ocean. A hymn-like swansong in powerful images.

Argentinean Lesson

R: Wojciech Staroń
Polen, 2010, 56:00min

Di, 18.10. 22:15 Uhr CineStar 8

Do, 20.10. 17:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Sa, 22.10. 20:00 Uhr Polnisches Institut

So, 23.10. 16:30 Uhr CineStar 7

A boy in a strange land: culture shock and coming of age, tender first love and the first experience of social hardships – in a dense yet light-handed narrative.

At Night, They Dance

R: Isabelle Lavigne
Kanada, 2010, 90:00min

Di, 18.10. 14:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Do, 20.10. 22:15 Uhr CineStar 8

So, 23.10. 17:00 Uhr Schaubühne Lindenfels

Music, dancing, the strain of chasing money and gigs, drugs and the ever present fear of the police: the everyday life of belly dancers in the magic Cairo nights.

Bad Weather

R: Giovanni Giommi
Deutschland, Großbritannien, 2011, 82:00min

Mi, 19.10. 14:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Fr, 21.10. 20:00 Uhr CineStar 8

A brothel island in Bangladesh: Sodom and Gomorrah up against the waters. The women’s lives in great poetic visual tableaus, the apocalypse soon to come.

Life, a Long Way away

R: Marc Weymuller
Frankreich, 2011, 81:00min

Di, 18.10. 17:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Fr, 21.10. 17:00 Uhr CineStar 8

A remote region in the north of Portugal that has seen better days, just like the priest and the poet who talk about their lives – a melancholy and visually stunning farewell.

Made in China

R: Jian Du
China, 2011, 128:00min

Do, 20.10. 19:30 Uhr CineStar 8

Sa, 22.10. 14:00 Uhr CineStar 8

This is how our clothes are made: a textile factory in China. Work until exhaustion, tiny wages, a violent boss who has the crisis on his heels. Warm-hearted and with a sense of humour.

Special Flight

R: Fernand Melgar
Schweiz, 2011, 99:00min

Do, 20.10. 20:00 Uhr Schaubühne Lindenfels

Mi, 19.10. 11:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Migrants in a Geneva detention centre wait for the flights that will take them back by force to places without a future. Memorable images of the European fortress.

The Tiniest Place

R: Tatiana Huezo
Mexiko, 2011, 104:00min

Fr, 21.10. 14:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Sa, 22.10. 20:00 Uhr CineStar 8

So, 23.10. 20:00 Uhr Schaubühne Lindenfels

So, 23.10. 13:30 Uhr Astoria

El Salvador: a village destroyed by the civil war. Everyday life and coping with trauma in the midst of a forest where the voices of the dead can still be heard. Magical.

Vivan Las Antipodas!

R: Victor Kossakovsky
Deutschland, Niederlande, Argentinien, 2011, 108:00min

Mi, 19.10. 20:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Fr, 21.10. 22:00 Uhr Schaubühne Lindenfels

Sa, 22.10. 17:00 Uhr CineStar 8

So, 23.10. 11:30 Uhr Wintergarten

If you dig your way straight through the earth, the world will be turned on its head. Inspired by Lewis Carroll, the secret of the antipodes investigated in rich images and sounds.

War Matador

R: Avner Faingulernt
Israel, 2011, 71:00min

Do, 20.10. 14:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Fr, 21.10. 22:15 Uhr CineStar 8

Gaza is being bombed; Israeli spectators at the border applaud and celebrate every hit. Unbelievable scenes and a great metaphor for war, power and subjugation.

Water Children

R: Aliona van der Horst
Niederlande, 2011, 74:00min

Mi, 19.10. 17:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Sa, 22.10. 22:15 Uhr CineStar 8

So, 23.10. 20:15 Uhr Wintergarten

A sacred labyrinth of white cloth, Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Japanese peasants – and reflections on menstruation blood. A great project on the cycle of life.

Work Hard – Play Hard

R: Carmen Losmann
Deutschland, 2011, 90:00min

Di, 18.10. 20:00 Uhr CineStar 8

Fr, 21.10. 17:30 Uhr Cinémathèque in der naTo

Sa, 22.10. 11:00 Uhr CineStar 8

So, 23.10. 14:00 Uhr CineStar 7

So, 23.10. 19:30 Uhr CineStar 7

Brave new working world: human capital striving for task-oriented performances in non-territorial work spaces or being x-rayed at assessment centres. A report from a reality as cold as ice.