62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Meisterklassen & Panels


DOK Leipzig Master Classes 2012

Ein poetischer Blick auf Realität - Peter Nestler (GERMAN Language)

DOK Meisterklasse

Her Body of Work -
Barbara Hammer

DOK Master Class

Thinking out of the box -
Mariola Brillowska

DOK Master Class

DOK Summits & DOK Podiums 2012

DOK Summit: L.A. Confidence - Latin American Documentary today


What is the vision of the documentary in the Latin American countries and in what direction is the media market developing? How are the conditions for production and distribution changing and what role do the local public television broadcasters play? What makes the new generation of filmmakers different and what subjects do they deal with? This year’s special program on Latin America featured contemporary documentary and animated films from 10 Latin American countries.



Diana Karklin

(Rise and Shine World Sales, Berlin)



Luis González Zaffaroni


Paolo Roberto de Carvalho

(Autentika Films/ Curator Focus Latin America, Berlin)

Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez

(Filmmaker, Mexico City)

Maria Fernanda Restrepo

(Filmmaker, Quito, EC)

Flor Rubina

(Chile Doc, Santiago de Chile)


Listen to the DOK Summit here: [80.8MB/mp3]
DOK Summit: Reclaim your Screen - visions for the Future Television


From the 1960s, the little box in the living room was considered a family member, until we each had our own TV, sometimes in every room of the house. Now there are more screens and devices with different functions and roles; for communication, conversation, news, information, exchange, the internet. The new buzzwords are ‘Social TV’ and the “Second Screen’. But what does this really mean for all of us? What is the television of the future? How will we use it? What will we like? Is there a trend to turn all these possibilities off?



Daniel Saltzwedel
(Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam)



Gargi Sen
(Magic Latern Foundation, New Delhi)
Dr. Friederike Schultz
(Exozet, Berlin)

Simon Kilmurry
(PBS/POV, New York)



Listen to the DOK Summit here: [103.8MB/mp3]
DOK Summit: Even More New Alliances. Outreach and Campaigning in Focus


How can documentaries create authentic impact in new markets? And what concrete effects do campaigns have on the life and outreach of films? What turns a film into a movement? And how does it change the role of the filmmaker/ producer? What are tips and tricks for a successful campaign? And how to find suitable partners to collaborate with?




Sean Farnel
(Ripping Reality, Toronto)



Emma Green

(Dogwoof, London)
Christopher Hird
(Dartmouth Films, London)
Daniel Kruse
(NEST Agency for online campaigning, Berlin)
Marlene Rasmussen
(Dox Bio, Copenhagen)

Arash T. Riahi
(Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Vienna)



Listen to the DOK Summit here: [106.6MB/mp3]
DOK Summit: Engagiert euch!



Das DOK Summit bringt Licht in das große, komplizierte Dunkle: die deutsche Medienpolitik. Was passiert hinter den Kulissen? Wer sind die Entscheider? Was steht gerade an? Wie kann man als Einzelner Teil haben und Gehör finden?




  2. Claas Danielsen
  3. (DOK Leipzig)

  5. Martin Hagemann
  6. (zero fiction, Berlin)
  9. Dagmar Biller
  10. (Produzentenallianz, München)
  11. Kirsten Esch
  12. (Bundesverband Regie, München)
  13. Alice Agneskirchner
  14. (AG DOK, Berlin)



Hören Sie hier (German only): [94.2MB/mp3]
DOK Podium Animation: Deutsche Animation zwischen Industrie und Individualismus

Ist es möglich ist, den Bedürfnissen des Film- und Medienmarktes in Deutschland wie im Ausland gerecht zu werden und wenn ja, wie? Kann man mit Animation in Deutschland kommerziell erfolgreich arbeiten und gleichzeitig die eigene Handschrift und kreative Hoheit behalten? Gibt es überhaupt einen Markt für kreative Produktionen? Und wie können Filmemacher dem treu bleiben, was sie machen möchten, und zugleich von ihrer Arbeit leben?



Annegret Richter

(DOK Leipzig)


Gerd Hahn

(Hahn Film, Berlin)

Tony Loeser

(motionworks, Halle)

Maija-Lene Rettig

(ARTE Karambolage, Vanves, France)

Hören Sie hier (German only): [83.5MB/mp3]
DOK Podium Animation: The Animation of Starewicz and His Artistic Heirs


It has been 100 years since directors in Europe first made puppet animation films. The Polish animator Władysław Starewicz, who used dead insects and animal figures for his stories and fables, is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field.

Other filmmakers like Alexander Shiryaev, George Pal or the Diehl brothers also left an indelible mark on puppet animation in its early years. The experts on this panel discussed the evolution of puppet animation from its beginnings to the present day, looking at trends and political influences and exploring technical advancements all the way up to digital films.


Zbigniew Zmudzki

(Se-ma-for, Lodz, Poland)

Piotr Ficner

(Animator, Poland)

Sabine Scholze

(DIAF, Germany)

Günter Rätz

(Animator, Germany)


Listen to the DOK Podium Animation here: [91.7MB/mp3]
DOK Podium: Documentary goes Education – New distribution potential

Either as over used buzz words or the new golden gate for documentaries, educational distribution is an ongoing hot topic for the documentary market. Schools, universities, libraries and social interest groups are the new targets for long sought-after revenues.

While the North American market can look back on several years of experience, European distributors still face the beginning of new times. With our international panelists we took a look behind the scenes and gathered some facts about the status quo of educational distribution. What kind of business model do they have and who are their partners? What are the challenges and visions out there for documentary makers and distributors? And how to deal with rights issues?



Esther van Messel

(First Hand Films, Switzerland)


Alice Apley

(Documentary Educational Resources, USA)
Herbert Neuwirth
(UR, Sweden)
Andreas Wildfang
(EYZ Media, Germany)
Peter Gerard
(Accidental Media, UK)


Listen to the DOK Podium here: [83.6MB/mp3]