DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Rules & Regulations 2018

DOK Leipzig is an annual Festival for documentary and animated films. The City of Leipzig, sponsor and organiser of the Festival, has commissioned Leipziger DOK-Filmwochen GmbH, a non-profit- limited liability company, to organise and manage the event.


The 61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film takes place from 29 October to 4 November 2018.

The Festival film programme consists of the Official Selection and Special Programme sections.

RUles and Regulations

1. Official Selection
2. Premiere Rules and Regulations
3. Award Regulations Healthy Workplaces Film Award

4. Film Selection
5. Submission procedure for films
6. Language version of films
7. Submitting your film
8. Entry fee
9. Screening formats
10. Transportation of Screening Prints and digital transmission
11. DOK Film Market
12. Authorization
13. Final Provision




1. Official selection


The Official Selection is comprised of six competition programmes and one non-competition programme, all of which are listed below. You may not submit your project or film directly to any specific festival programme. If your project is accepted into the Festival, our Selection Commission will decide which of the Festival sections it will be slotted into.


  • International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film
    (min 41 min)
  • International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film
    (max. 40 min)
  • German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film
    (min 41 min)
  • German Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film
    (max 40 min)
  • Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film
    (min 41 min)
  • Next Masters Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film
    (max 40 min)
  • International Programme Documentary and Animated Film 
    (all lengths)

You can find an overview of the awards given at DOK Leipzig 2017 here.



2. Premiere Rules and Regulations


A German premiere of the film at DOK Leipzig is mandatory for the selection to any of the competition sections. World, International or European premieres will be favoured.

Films of directors who have not completed more than three documentary or animated films (41 min and longer) (excluding their works during education and/or the professional training) are eligible for the Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animation Film.

Films of directors who have not completed more than three documentary or animated films of all lenghts are eligible for the Next Masters Competition Short Documentary and Animation Film.

The Festival is responsible for the nomination of films for all other special awards.

We accept documentaries, animated films and animated documentaries of all lengths from 2017 and 2018, which have not had their public world premiere before 01 October 2017.


Films that have been or will be broadcast on television in Germany, that have a cinematic release in Germany, have been published online, or released via any home video or other public distribution platform (Blu-ray, DVD, streaming, VOD, etc.) prior to DOK Leipzig 2018 are not eligible.

Films that have been publicly screened in Germany before the end of DOK Leipzig 2018 (e.g. TV broadcasts, cinema release and/or public streaming/download options etc.) are not eligible. The submitter of the film is responsible for informing the Programme Department about any scheduled screenings and broadcasting dates prior to the end of DOK Leipzig 2018 (4 November 2018). Changes in the premiere status may disqualify the film to be selected for the Official Selection. In this case, the Festival reserves the right to claim damages.


The submitter of the film is responsible for informing the Programme Department about any scheduled screenings and broadcasting dates prior to the end of DOK Leipzig 2018 (4 November 2018). Changes in the premiere status may disqualify the film to be selected for the Official Selection. In this case, the Festival reserves the right to claim damages.


By submitting a film, the applicant accepts that the film can be nominated for any of the competitions or for another programme section.



3. Award regulations:
   Healthy Workplaces Film Award 

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) will present the Healthy Workplaces Film Award (HWFA) with a prize money of € 5,000 at DOK Leipzig. Documentary and animated films competing for the HWFA will be nominated by the festival management from the films selected for the official programme of DOK Leipzig. The winner of the HWFA shall grant EU-OSHA the right, free of charge, to


  •  place a trailer or an excerpt of the winning film of up to five minutes and stills (pictures) on the EU-OSHA website, in press releases or in the EU-OSHA newsletter (

  • show and present the trailer or the winning film in its entirety at non-public and non-commercial events organised by EU-OSHA and its network of Focal Points in EU 28, EEA, and candidate and potential candidate countries.

  • To produce subtitles in a selection of European languages of the winning film and to grant EU-OSHA the non-exclusive, non-commercial and non-theatrical license right to distribute the film in the above mentioned network and to other official partners. In return, the rights for the subtitles can be obtained by the filmmaker/rights holder of the winning film free of charge for further use. Directors will get access to a platform where the subtitled films will be stored and downloadable. Further details shall be discussed between EU-OSHA and the award winner.




A Selection Committee will decide about the selection of films for the Festival programme as well as their allocation to the individual competition sections or to the International Programme.

All films submitted up until 05 May 2018 will receive a binding feedback regarding the selection status by end of June. This can either be an invitation of the film to the official selection, a rejection or the information that the film has been shortlisted for the final decision round.

The final decision for films submitted afterwards will be announced by mid-September. Due to the high volume of submissions the Festival is unable to give individual feedback about the decisions, including the nomination for the competitions.

In exceptional cases a binding feedback and decision can be given independently from these dates. This applies for example if another festival is interested in your film or the premiere status given in the submission form could change before DOK Leipzig. In this case, please get in touch with the programme department (

All parties submitting a film to the Festival will be informed via e-mail by 15 September 2018 at the latest, whether their entry has been included in the Festival programme. Please refrain from inquiries by phone or by e-mail.





  1. The Official Selection of 2018 is open to
  • Documentary Films of any lengths
  • Animated Films of any lengths
  • Animated Documentary Films of any lengths

Only films from 2017 and 2018 (year of production) are eligible for submission and must not have been publicly screened prior to 1 October 2017. (see premiere rules in FAQ)

Films completed before 1 May 2018 need to be submitted by 05 May 2018. Films completed after 05 May 2018 need to be submitted to the Festival office by 07 July 2018 (Completion of the online entry form).


Rough cuts

Submissions may be in work-in-progress form; however, films that are not final cuts must be clearly marked Work in Progress (“WIP”) or Rough Cut with an indication of what will change or what is missing (e.g., temp sound, Avid output, missing animation, etc.) either indicated in the film cut itself or in an email to the programme department. The Festival will work with you to facilitate the submission of any updated version(s) up until the last applicable entry deadline noted above.



6. Language Versions of Films


Each submitted preview screener and each screening copy has to have an English language version and/or English subtitles. Also films with German and/or French language versions have to have English subtitles.

If a film is selected an English dialogue list including timecodes has to be provided to DOK Leipzig.



7. Submitting your Film


In order to submit a film to the Festival first you will be asked to log in to your existing account or to open a new MYDOK user account. After registration you will be able to enter the data of your film. You can log in anytime to your account in order submit new films.

When making a submission, the following documents and materials will be required:

  • an English synopsis (max. 200 words)
  • a curriculum vitae as well as a filmography of the director
  • a portrait photograph of the director (300 DPI, JPG)
  • still photographs of the film (300 DPI, JPG)

For the preview of submitted films only mp4 or mov film files that have been uploaded to our FTP server are accepted.

We do not accept any other formats, screening or streaming links, download links, DVDs etc.

Trailers and film excerpts are not accepted as preview screeners.

The submitter will receive an instructional email on the transfer after submitting the online entry form through our MYDOK area.



8. Entry Fee


A service charge of 40.00 (incl. 7 % VAT) will become due when submitting a film. The entry fee has to be paid within 10 working days after submitting the film. A later payment of the entry fee can cause the rejection of the film.

Unfortunately, payments in any other form and currency cannot be accepted. Please note that this charge is not refundable.

For any payment it is very important to use the predetermined reason for payment. This consists of the submission ID (see your confirmation mail) and the English film title, f.e. “12345, The Example Film”. If your reason of payment is not according to this requirement, the payment cannot be assigned to your film and the film submission will be rejected.

If the transfer of the entry fee does not have the correct reason of payment, the fee cannot be assigned to the film and will not be refunded.

If an entry fee is paid twice or more, the additional payments cannot be refunded.

If a film submission is retracted, the submission fee cannot be refunded.

If a film is not selected for DOK Leipzig, the submission fee cannot be refunded.

Films submitted by film schools or originating from an educational background are exempt from the fee (after consulting the programme department, proof required). Furthermore submissions from some countries are exempt from the fee (= country of production and not shooting location!). You will find a list of these countries here.

All filmmakers are asked to get in touch anytime in case of questions or problems regarding the submission fee.



9. Screening Formats


The Festival accepts DCP and HD video files for playback from our video servers. All other formats (35mm prints, BluRay Discs as well as all videotapes such as Beta Digital PAL, Beta SP PAL 16:9 or HDcam (25p/50i) can only be accepted in special cases and after consulting the programme department (

HDcam SR and DVD will not be accepted as screening format.

HD Video files will only be accepted in the following format settings:

1. Quicktime MOV, Prores 422 HQ 1080p 24/25/29,976 - Audio: PCM / 5.1 Stereo 48KHz, 16 oder 24bit
2. Quicktime MOV, DNXHD 1080p 24/25/29,976 - Audio: PCM / 5.1 Stereo 48KHz, 16 oder 24bit

We do accept progressive digital video files only. Interlaced material (50i/60i) will be rejected.

Any copy for screening purposes must have arrived in Leipzig by 1 October 2018.

The screening film prints have to be sent to the following postal address:

Katharinenstraße 17

Please note that DOK Leipzig will digitize and encode all films as DCPs that have been provided as videotapes after consulting the programme department. DOK Leipzig agrees on eliminating these files two weeks after the festival latest. The production of these DCPs is only for festival screening purposes and they cannot be made available for the right holder of the film or for any other purposes after the festival.

The film might also be transmitted via FTP to DOK Leipzig. Further information on this will be provided once your film is selected.



10. Transportation of Screening Prints
      and Digital Transmission

The shipping costs to the Festival to Leipzig shall be borne by the sender. A pro-forma invoice must be attached to shipments from abroad. Since the entries to the festival do not represent a commercial value as such (i.e. the goods are not intended for sale and no profit is made), keep the amount as low as possible when declaring the shipment value, so that any customs duties possibly charged are kept to a minimum. Shipments with prints, tapes and any data storage media will have to be endorsed as follows: “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL/FESTIVAL PURPOSES ONLY”.

The Festival organiser takes care of the return costs for exportation and shipping, excluding fees for re-imports storage etc. The sender will have to bear the insurance costs for the shipping to Leipzig as well as from the delivery to the first forwarder during the return shipment. Prints, tapes and data storage media will be returned through the festival’s courier service.

All copies will be insured by the Festival for the replacement costs of the screening print, tape or data storage media of the same type and quality from the moment they are received by the organisers until they are handed over to the first forwarding agent for the return shipment. The insurance coverage will be limited to the costs for making a new film copy or displacing the damaged reel, in case of videos and data storage media, for copying a new screening tape/file. The assessed costs have to be proven by supporting documents and must not exceed current laboratory or service provider prices in Germany. The liability of the Festival shall exclude any potential expenses for (intermediate) negatives or positives, master videotapes or other postproduction costs. In case of a faulty screening the Festival cannot be held responsible for any immaterial damage. Compensation claims shall be filed in writing within 6 weeks after the Festival. Later claims cannot be taken into consideration.

Screening copies that have been provided by digital data transfer DOK Leipzig agrees on eliminating these files two weeks after the festival latest.




All documentary and animated films selected for the Official Selection and for selected special programmes will be included automatically and free of charge to the DOK Film Market. All documentaries and animated documentaries will be displayed in the separate DOK Film Market catalogue.

With its DOK Film Market video library, DOK Leipzig offers a platform for the distribution and promotion of all productions of this year’s Festival programme as well as for approximately 120 additional documentary films selected out of all entries. The DOK Film Market video library is accessible for international TV buyers and commissioning editors, festival programmers & curators, distributors and sales agents, cinema operators and cultural institutes during the festival online via their personal devices and at screening booths in the festival centre. The video library remains accessible online for 6 months after the festival.

When making an entry to the Festival and to the DOK Film Market, an HD video file (to be transmitted via FTP to DOK Leipzig) with the film’s final version will be required in English (English subtitles if the spoken language is other than English).

The parties submitting a film to the Festival shall be responsible for the update of all information that is relevant for the distribution. The Festival management assumes that the approval to digitize the films has been granted on submitting them. If the admission to the DOK Film Market of a film that is part of the Official Selection is not desired, it is possible to refuse the inclusion in the video library by indicating it in the according field when confirming the participation after the invitation of the film to the Festival or in writing to the DOK Film Market office. (Contact:

The admission of additional films to the DOK Film Market (that are not part of the Official Selection of the Festival) depends on the decision of DOK Leipzig. Additional films selected for the DOK Film Market will receive an official invitation. If you accept the invitation and want to enter your film in the video library an additional fee applies: 120€ for one feature-length film and 80€ for a film up to 39 min (all prices excl. VAT). Requests for having the film admitted to the DOK Film Market should be indicated in the relevant field in the entry form, by which the applicant also grants his permission to have the film digitized for the DOK Film Market. 





By submitting a work the presenting party declares to be the owner of the rights in the work submitted. "Owner of the rights” in accordance with these regulations is deemed to be the author (originator) of the object to be protected or any other natural person or legal entity, or group of persons, having gained an incorporeal property right in this object which covers the activities referred to in these regulations and which makes it possible to grant rights of usage, or to transfer it, to third parties.

The presenting party shall assure that the materials provided are free of third-party rights. Should third parties assert any claims against DOK Leipzig that concern the materials and works provided, the presenting party shall indemnify DOK Leipzig from any such claims and assume the legal costs incurred by DOK Leipzig for the necessary defence against such claims. DOK Leipzig shall inform the presenting party immediately, should third parties assert such claims against DOK Leipzig.

Films selected for the official festival programme will be shown in up to five public screenings.

Interactive works selected for the official festival programme will be shown in public via screenings and/or exhibition.

DOK Leipzig writes the texts for the festival catalogue, programmes and flyers. Submitted synopses are used in the DOK Film Market catalogue.

No film or interactive work selected may be withdrawn from the DOK Festival programme after its publication.

The Festival shall be granted, free of charge and unlimited in terms of time and space (for the duration of the protective right in the object to be protected), the right to use footage of the audio-visual content with a maximum length of three minutes as well as advertising material, such as trailers, images and film stills provided by the owner of the rights in the course of reporting about, and promoting, the festival as well as the relevant film concerned, and to pass on such footage and material to the reporting media (such as radio & television, the press, Internet, Podcast, social media and other multi-media formats) as well as to cooperation partners in the media for non-commercial purposes and to put such footage and material online on its website as well as on its filmfinder and use it on social media platforms for advertising purposes.

During the Festival and six months after the festival, films can be viewed by professional guests in the DOK Film Market, the digital video library of the Festival as well as online for six months afterwards through the password secured MYDOK login on the DOK Leipzig homepage. DOK Leipzig is entitled to digitize the submitted production for this purpose.

The Festival reserves the right to archive selected viewing cassettes and DVDs for internal purposes as well as for non-profit-making and non-public educational work. Any commercial exploitation by the Festival shall be excluded.



13. Final Provision

The registration to participate in the DOK Leipzig 2018 will be taken as acknowledgement of the above regulations. The Festival management reserves the right to take a decision on all those matters that are not specifically covered in the regulations and to permit exceptions in extraordinary and justified cases. The right to decide on matters not explicitly covered in these regulations rests with the Festival management.

Leipzig, 23.05.2018


Programme Department

+49 (0) 341 30864-1020