DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Projekte 2018

DOK Neuland Projects 2018

Blind Vaysha – VR

Theodore Ushev


Canada / 2017 / 8min

Language: English, French


Vaysha is not like other girls: she sees the past with her left eye, the future with her right eye. Caught in a blurred world between the two, the present is a blind spot for her. This 360° film combines traditional linocut with innovative animation techniques. The use of stereoscopic images enables us to see the world through Vaysha’s eyes.

The Bridge

Nikita Shalenny


Ukraine, Denmark / 2017 / 10min

Language: without dialogue


We are on a journey around the world. Accompanied by ghost-like creatures we cross oceans and forests, pass desolate places. The horizon is only an illusion – an imaginary line that will never be reached. The bridge as starting and endpoint serves as a symbol for an escape to a better reality.


Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin

360° Film

Italy, USA, Switzerland / 2017 / 15min

Language: English, German, Italian, Tagalog


A Texas oil field, the engine room of an ocean freighter, an anechoic room, a waste incineration plant – contrasting sceneries that are connected by the protagonists of this 360° collage film. They lead lonely lives, far removed from our own lifestyle. The quiet of the free field chamber clashes with the roaring of the engine room, but ultimately it’s all one.

Equator 360° – The Centre of the World

Nicolas Jolliet, Richard Decaillet


Germany, Canada / 2018 / 14min

Language: English, German, Barasana


We plunge into an impressive world of sound and colour. The shamans of the Yuruparí tribe live in the Amazonas rainforest in south-west Colombia. Their sacred sites are distributed over a network that precisely follows the line of the equator. The Yuruparí believe that they live at the centre of the world and that it’s their duty to keep the earth in spiritual balance.

The Future Is Not Unwritten

Susanne Steinmassl

Endless Smart Film

Germany, Japan / 2017 / infinite

Language: English


Are humans about to make themselves redundant? Or are we evolving into digital hybrids? The transition to trans-humanism is addressed via five recurring narrative islands about existence, corporeality, identity, transformation and consciousness. A living film which, thanks to machine learning code, narrates itself with an infinite number of changes.


Paisley Smith, the NFB, Jam3


Canada / 2018 / 20min
Language: English

We are in the midst of Paisley Smith’s reflections about Taro, a Japanese exchange student who committed suicide in his guest family’s home in Canada. The Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver was the model for the paper world Paisley Smith designed for her personal memory course. This sensitively designed adaptation was created in cooperation with the NFB and Jam3.

In my Absence

Niki Smit


Netherlands / 2018 / 6min
Language: Dutch, English


Absence seizures are a type of epilepsy that affects mainly children and adolescents. Those affected are “absent” for a few seconds – often a hundred times a day. Where are they during their absence? This multi-sensory VR experience is like a dream, offering insights into the protagonists’ worlds that are almost impossible to describe in words.

Manic VR

Kalina Bertin


Canada / 2018 / 11min

Language: English


Guided by Felicia’s and François’s voices we set out on a journey through the phases of bipolar disorder: an intimate insight into the constantly changing realities and states that are part of the typical symptoms of manic depression. “Manic VR” tells a non-fictional story by means of 3D animation, psychedelic pigmentation effects and room-scale interaction.

The MetamorphosisVR
– Project of the Goethe-Institut Prague

Mika Johnson 


Czech Republic, Germany / 2018 / 5min
Language: Czech, English, German


“When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.” This VR experience, based on Franz Kafka’s short novel “The Metamorphosis,” opens a metaphorical space that’s otherwise only accessible through our imagination. This is where you can experience physically how it feels to be Kafka’s bug.

Place – Part 1

Avi Dabach, Harmke Heezen, Judith Manassen Ramon, Mike Robbins

Germany, Israel, Canada / 2018 / 10min
Language: English, Hebrew, Italian


The main synagogue of Aleppo in Syria was heavily damaged in the civil war. This is the visualisation, detached from space and time, of the history of a place that no longer exists. It’s like stepping into an old black and white film where several strands of time converge. Encounters are suddenly possible: with characters who are still alive or who died decades, centuries ago.

The Real Thing

Benoit Felici


France / 2018 / 16min
Language: Chinese, English, German, Mandarin


We’re travelling from Paris to Venice without leaving China. This 360° film explores the fascinating reality of “fake cities” and allows us access to a world of imitation where the boundaries between original, fake, real and virtual are blurred. Locals guide us through almost empty cityscapes that serve as projection screens for a wholly different culture.

Why did you come to Berlin?!

Michael Ginsburg, Martin Heller, Christiane Wittenbecher


Germany / 2017 / 9min

Language: German


The headset works as a time machine that puts us in the role of a prisoner in the Stasi prison of Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Based on the memories of GDR writer Jürgen Fuchs and numerous interviews with contemporary witnesses, this 360° film doesn’t just depict recent German history but, for a brief moment, makes it present.