62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Projekte 2019

DOK Neuland Projects 2019

4 Feet: Blind Date

María Belén Poncio, Damián Turkieh

360° Film

Argentina / 2018 / 19 min

Language: English, Spanish


“I will not be a virgin forever!” We follow Juana who is just discovering her own body. On her way through the non-barrier-free city she hears the occasional comment. Her answer: “Keep calm! It’s just a wheelchair!” But the obstacle to overcome is something else: nervousness before a blind date where Juana hopes to pop her cherry.



Aftermath: Euromaidan

Alexey Furman, Sergii Polezhaka

VR Experience*

Ukraine / 2019 / 30 min

Language: English, Ukrainian


This VR documentary reconstructs the events of 20 February 2014 on Kiev’s Independence Square. On that day, fifty people lose their lives when the police open fire on the Euromaidan protesters. Using archive material and 360° interviews, the story unfolds step by step in an environment recreated using CGI and photogrammetry.



ARTE presents: Der Traum des Cesare

Fabian Mrongowius, Nicolas de Leval Jerzierski, Floris Asche

VR Experience*, 360° Film

Germany / 2019 / 5 min

Language: English, German



100 years after the shooting of Robert Wiene’s silent film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” ended, the story of the old showman and the somnambulist Cesare is reanimated as a volumetric video by 3D human body reconstruction technology. In this walk-in film, the perspective chosen determines one’s view of the expressionist and dreamlike scenery.



Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey

Jan Kounen

VR Experience*

France, Luxembourg / 2019 / 18 min

Language: English


Guided by the meditative chants of a virtual Shipibo healer we embark on an inner journey. Our companions are snakes, beetles and scorpions. The destination of our journey is a world that seems to be pure geometry. Kaleidoscopic visions create a meditative state whose intensity is heavily dependent on our level of attention.



Candy World

Lenn Blaschke

VR Experience*

Germany / 2019 / 6 min

Language: English


Visually inspired by “Candy Crush”, one of the most popular games of our time, we find ourselves in a pink world filled with candy-sweet creatures. They confront us with real comments from image boards like “4chan” and “8chan”, where, under cover of irony and anonymity, the boundaries between trolling and social radicalisation are becoming increasingly blurred.



Dark Origins: Mephisto (Preview)

Calum Bowden

VR Experience*

UK / 2019 / 10 min
Language: English


A few kilometres underground our flashlights are the only source of light. About thirty years ago, at a place with seemingly impossible living conditions, scientists discovered a hidden ecosystem that fundamentally changed our understanding of life. Among its inhabitants is the “Mephisto worm”. To explore its dark world at eye level we become as small as the creature.



Hanahana Full Bloom

Mélodie Mousset

VR Experience*

France, Switzerland  / 2019 / infinite

Language: without dialogue


Odd shapes stand in a desert landscape. At the push of a button, countless hands sprout from the ground. Hands, hands everywhere. Modelled on the Anime character Nico Robin who can make body parts grow anywhere at will, we are asked to contribute our own narratives and physical, intellectual and sensual impressions to this desert. The result is satisfying, in a surprising way.



Le Lac

Nyasha Kadandara

360° Film

Kenya / 2019 / 10 min
Language: Chadian Arabic, English, French


“The source of life, that is who I am!” The constantly shrinking Lake Chad itself takes stock: Its life-giving power is diminishing, its destination as an oasis is getting lost, inexorably. Since the 1960s the interior lake has lost more than 90 percent of its surface. This drastic decline, triggered by climate change, has devastating consequences for millions of people.

The Holy City

Nimrod Shanit, Timur Musabay

VR Experience*

Canada, Israel / 2019 / 20 min
Language: English, Hebrew

In a mix of room-scale gaming and live action film Jerusalem can be experienced as a religious epicentre where three world religions overlap. Believers of all denominations work on the narrative of the place, pleading for mutual understanding. The starting point of this intellectual game is the ambivalent term of Abrahamism which initiates a trialogue between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.



Traveling While Black

Roger Ross Williams, Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, Ayesha Nadarajah

360° Film

USA / 2018 / 21 min

Language: English


Published between 1936 and 1966, the “Green Book” was a survival guide for African-American U.S. citizens, recommending safe places to avoid racist hostility on domestic journeys. “Ben’s Chili Bowl” has been among those recommendations since 1958. The intimate corners of this Washington restaurant become spaces of reflection for the racist degradation existing even today.

Unceded Territories

Paisley Smith, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

VR Experience*

Canada / 2019 / 6 min
Language: English


In an age of dramatic climate predictions, each and everyone should ask themselves how big their own share in the destruction of the world is. Rage drives this work and rage is what it will ignite. The “Spirit Bear” invites us to the iconic world of the indigenous artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun and confronts us with the worst exploiters of nature: humans.

Your Spiritual Temple Sucks

John Hsu
360° Film

Taiwan / 2017 / 10 min
Language: English, Mandarin


According to Taoist tradition, our fate is represented by a spiritual temple. Guided by a monk, a blindfolded person can enter the afterworld during their lifetime. The VR headset as an analogue blindfold is ritually charged in order to follow Mister Chang to his temple of fate. Once there, we follow his attempts to resolve marital and financial problems.