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Streetart. Die vergängliche Rebellion

Documentary Film
54 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Nils Bökamp, Felix Kriegsheim
Anne Bürger, Benjamin Cantu
Marc Riedinger
Anne Bürger
Alexander Fuchs
Anne Bürger, Benjamin Cantu
Ilja Köster
“Reclaim the Streets” is the battle cry ringing from the walls of cities around the world. In Berlin, where artists can do their work fairly openly in daylight, in New York, where graffiti have become an indispensable part of the city, or in Moscow, where the authority’s painting over of the “pieces” looks like a very special form of street art. There are also some statements by one of the pioneers of street art, Blek le Rat, who shows us that his art works in galleries and in the streets.

Kim Busch