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Magic Words (to Break a Spell)

Documentary Film
82 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Jorge Sanchéz, Amaranta SA de CV
Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez
Leoncio Lara Bon
Carlos R. Rossini y Cuco Villarías
Mercedes Cantero
Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez
Lena Esquenazi
On 19 June 1979, the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua triumphed over the Somoza regime. This moment of upheaval in Nicaraguan society made an deep impression on eight-year-old Mercedes Moncada – even though she was still a child, it shaped her political consciousness. Three decades later the filmmaker takes a very personal and emotional look at the revolution by going in search of what’s left of Sandino’s promise in Managua. The growing disappointment at the path chosen by the Sandinistas is gradually revealed in observations, flashbacks and reflections. What started out with the aim of creating a “new man” ended in a system of political wangling and personal power and class interests. The revolutionary movement is slowly turning into a new authoritarian regime. Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez’s political and courageous film does not seek the moral high ground but presents a critical self-examination whose implications go far beyond the political developments in Nicaragua.

Paulo de Carvalho

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