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No Sex Please

Documentary Film
73 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Florian Fischer
Florian Fischer
Lucinda Guy
Florian Fischer
Florian Fischer
Merle Kröger, Jana Keuchel
Dominik Leube
A backlit naked man: Werner. “You weren’t born with trousers on either, were you?” he says. Werner likes it “natural” and “lively”. Werner has a clear conscience and tries to put care into every step he takes. Quite unlike Florian, he thinks. Florian films Werner, testing a kind of friendship. They travel to Thailand together, where Werner has a girlfriend. This has nothing to do with sex tourism, though – it’s the art of massage he appreciates. Florian has no idea, he says. Werner walks the beaches in a long white robe. A T-shirt bearing the slogan “No Sex Please” is meant to advertise his non-intentions in the city. He still likes to dance with women. And back home in Berlin the statue of Buddha and the German flag make an interesting pair. A film flavoured by apparent opposites: New Age versus aggression, art versus trash, self-awareness versus self-denial.

Carolin Weidner

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