Friedensplakate (DEFA-KINOBOX 1983/21)

Filmstill Peace Posters (DEFA-KINOBOX 1983/21)

Peace Posters (DEFA-KINOBOX 1983/21)

Friedensplakate (DEFA-KINOBOX 1983/21)
Angelika Andrees
DEFA Matinee 2022
Documentary Film
5 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Angelika Andrees
DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme
Angelika Andrees
Christian Lehmann
Harald Klix

“We no longer stand before a choice between peace and war, but between peace and annihilation (Brecht 1947)”, one of the posters in the Berlin Alexanderplatz underground station reads. In autumn 1981, the Berlin Art Academy had organised a poster competition on the subject of “Peace for the World”. The camera, and along with it the viewers, become waiters and observers.

Philip Zengel
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