Kopf Faust Fahne – Perspektiven auf das Thälmanndenkmal

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Head Fist Flag – Perspectives on the Thälmann Memorial

Kopf Faust Fahne – Perspektiven auf das Thälmanndenkmal
Betina Kuntzsch
German Competition 2021
Documentary Film
47 minutes

For technical reasons – too massive! – this 50-ton bronze colossus was not demolished in 1993. Today it is listed as a historical monument, along with the associated housing estate. A relic from the old days: Today, the raised fist of the former German Communist Party leader and erstwhile GDR hero Ernst Thälmann in the Prenzlauer Berg park defies the collective forgetting of a not-so-long-ago past instead of heralding the victory of communism.

In 1986, an old municipal gasworks in East Berlin made way for a housing estate – and a monument that was controversial even then. Partly imagined, partly remembered and extensively researched throughout, Betina Kuntzsch assembles a complex narrative as part of her project “Vom Sockel Denken” about the Ernst-Thälmann-Memorial in Berlin: about a place full of history, viewed from ten different perspectives. In her omnibus film she skilfully uses various aesthetic and research tools. The successful combination of own footage, animation, archive material and oral history generates a kind of kaleidoscope, a gem of historiographic documentary-making and a parcours through a whole range of documentary film genres.
Borjana Gaković

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Betina Kuntzsch
Maria Wischnewski
Sven Boeck
Martin Langner
Claire Roggan
Betina Kuntzsch
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Betina Kuntzsch
Betina Kuntzsch
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