Vivos voco – Ich rufe die Lebenden

Filmstill Vivos Voco – I Call the Living

Vivos Voco – I Call the Living

Vivos voco – Ich rufe die Lebenden
Dagnija Osite-Krüger
Documentary Film
22 minutes
No Premiere

“Bells ring for victim and perpetrator alike, they ring for the master and the servant, the sounds falling into each other, beginning and end, life and death, sleep and awakening, work and prayer.” Helga Schütz’s lyrical verses are closely interwoven with Dagnija Osite-Krüger’s exploration of bells and their many shapes. Whether melted down as tools of war or warning of danger – “Vivos Voco”, which also teaches us about the craft of bell founding, envelops us in an eery, monumental and epochal way. In her auto-fictional biography, Schütz writes about the collaboration with Osite-Krüger: “The two of us and the film, we were a team, we and the co-determinant images.”

Carolin Weidner

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Dagnija Osite-Krüger
DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme
Helga Schütz
Elmar Blimke
Peter Gotthardt

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