Inter(mediate) Spaces

DOK Exchange XR 2023

Inter(mediate) Spaces

Two beings walk on a sandy road lined with palm trees.
Inter(mediate) Spaces | DOK Exchange XR

(Generative AI, 6DoF VR Installation)

Inter(mediate) Spaces is a generative AI VR experience that reexamines technology’s promise of connection. While experimenting with a new community-driven AI as a world-building tool together, we see the impact our thoughts and words have on the world around us.


community-driven AI, AI bias, collaborative process, multiplayer, marginalized groups, community

Project Representatives
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Portrait Chloé Lee
Portrait Chloé Lee
Chloé Lee


As an artist and producer, Chloé’s work uses sound, video, haptic and XR technologies to explore where digital and analog worlds meet. She has BA degrees in Film & Media Studies and Business Management & Economics from UCSC and an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College in NYC. As a 2021-2022 Germany Fulbright Scholar, Chloé created the VR exhibition “Temporal World” (SXSW 2023). The project is inspired by her memories as she creates meaning in a place where she has no personal history. As an Asian-American artist, she explores themes of migration through discovery, documentation and, eventually, rooting herself in a new place. She has been a researcher at Matters of Activity, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and has over a decade of experience as a producer of digital content.

Photo: Curtis Hughes
Portrait Lucas Martini
Portrait Lucas Martini
Lucas Martinic


Lucas is a programmer, musician and creator. From developing games for his sisters at the age of 9, to touring the world with his music project, “Trementina”, to becoming a VR software engineer, his passion revolves around creating shared experiences for himself and others. After being inspired by VR in 2015, he moved to Berlin where he studied and became a developer, trainer and mentor at XR Bootcamp. Since then, he has worked with Berlin and international start-ups, exploring the intersection of VR and education, and recently, art. As a self taught developer with an interest in shared experiences, Lucas has found areas where there are not many tools available. He develops solutions that bridge these gaps, which are sold in the Unity official store and popular amongst new developers.

Photo: Chloé Lee

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Chloé Lee, Lucas Martinic


Chloé Lee / Present Futures

General Information
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Original Title:

Inter(mediate) Spaces

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Inter(mediate) Spaces

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Early Stage of Development


15 min

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