Collage with two portrait photos: At the left Peter Mettler, at the right Tess Martin.

DOK Leipzig welcomes Peter Mettler and Tess Martin

We are happy to introduce the first guests of our 2023 festival! Our homage is dedicated to filmmaker Peter Mettler. Animation artist Tess Martin will present a number of her works at the “Animation Night”.

Homage Peter Mettler

Our homage this year is dedicated to the renowned Swiss-Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler. His films create a space for exploring humanity’s search for meaning and questions about its existence in a reverent way.

Peter Mettler received the Grand Prix of Visions du Réel this year for the first two chapters of his seven-part cinematic diary "While the Green Grass Grows". These two chapters will be part of our International Competition Documentary Film.

Our "Homage" programme will also include two of his earlier films: “Picture of Light” (1994), in which his team goes in search of the Northern Lights, and “Gambling, Gods and LSD” (2002), a film about people in search of transcendence and ecstasy.

In a public masterclass, Peter Mettler will provide insight into his unique, process-oriented approach to filmmaking and present previously unreleased excerpts of other instalments of “While the Green Grass Grows”. Admission to the masterclass is free.

Animation Night with Tess Martin

We are also looking forward to welcoming animation artist Tess Martin to our festival. She was born in the USA and, after living in Italy, Ghana and the UK, now lives in the Netherlands.

Her experience of growing up amid different cultures allows her personal perspective on such themes as belonging, identity, interpersonal issues and historical events to inform her art. In her films, she explores different media and styles, from charcoal drawings to painted glass, to photo cut-outs and pixilation, to Phonotrope animation.

In the "Animation Night" on the festival Friday, 13 October, Tess Martin will present a number of her short films – a glimpse into the artist's mind and soul. The first part of the evening will be dedicated to the works she has created as a professional filmmaker. The second part will explore the inspiration for her earlier works and their connection to her current project, which is still in the production stage.

You can find more information, also about the film programmes, in our press release.