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Producers, Co-Pro Market is looking for you

While the project selection for the 2023 DOK Co-Pro Market is underway, we now invite producers who are actively looking for new audio-visual works to co-produce and to expand their networks internationally to apply for participation without a project in the Co-Pro Market.

The deadline is 7 September 2023

About the Co-Pro Market

The Co-Pro Market features a selection of 35 outstanding international documentary projects with a strong artistic vision and a unique author’s point of view, developed for the global market. The selected projects in development or early production are seeking creative as well as financing partners, with expertise in production of documentaries, animated documentaries or doc series. 

The Co-Pro Market individual meetings between producers and the selected projects take place on 9–10 October 2023 in Leipzig with complementary online meetings on 16 October. We will announce the projects selected for this year’s market in the end of August.

Who are we looking for?

Producers should have relevant co-production experience in recent years and aim to find new high-quality, international projects to co-produce. Capacities are limited and the decision will be depending on the composition of the final project selection of the Co-Pro Market.

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