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Solidarity with the people of Ukraine: Fundraising and aid opportunities

“Films of the world – For world peace!” – the festival’s slogan proclaimed in 1961 appeared in a different global context then than it does today. Yet we are still firmly convinced that cinema can bring people of different origins and backgrounds closer together and contribute to a peaceful coexistence.

Peace in the world has been shaken once again. The news of Russian forces launching their attack on the sovereign country of Ukraine has left us in a state of horror. The Russian president pretends to act in the name of his people, but no one who has the interest of their country and people in mind will start a war.

DOK Leipzig declares its solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with the victims of war and displacement now and in the future. We will not cease to stand up for dialogue, mutual understanding and exchange, and we call for de-escalation and an immediate end to violence.

If you’re eager to help, below is a list of fundraisers for the people in Ukraine. We share these links to the best of our knowledge and belief, but without guarantee or liability for their contents. This list should serve as a first reference, as there are numerous other ways to get involved or donate.

Support for Ukrainian filmmakers

DAFilms, the streaming platform for the festival network Doc Alliance, to which we also belong, has launched a fundraising campaign for Ukrainian filmmakers. The team with Docudays UA festival in Kyiv will coordinate the distribution of donations on site:

Together with numerous other film institutions and festivals, we have signed an appeal for the support of filmmakers in Ukraine. You can find the full statement on the website for the Institute for Documentary Film (Prague):

The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk has set up a special ‘Emergency Fund for Filmmakers’ who are in danger as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine. You can find all details on the website of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam:

Want to help on location in Leipzig?

The city of Leipzig has compiled an overview of current donation and aid campaigns or offers at the municipal offices for refugees. The page is also available in Ukrainian and Russian:

Further links can be found in our German-language news article.

Interested in learning more about the background to the war in Ukraine?

The films included in the benefit campaign by streaming portal DAFilms are all thematically linked to Ukraine. They portray everyday life and provide insights into the country's history and the social upheavals of recent years.